Page Using Recovery UtilitiesThis section describes recovering data from a virtual disk that is quarantined oroffline failed. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. You can create a virtual disk that has no volumes the default , one volume, ormultiple volumes online initialization only. The systemwaits indefinitely for the missing drives. Each controller host porthas a unique, user-defined IP address. Each value can include 74 characters.

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Percent Complete — Percent complete of the volume copy. The Global Host List panel shows the node name, any controller ID and portnumbers through which the host has logged in, and the nickname if any for eachhost node. Examine the FRU specified in themessage to determine whether itneeds to be replaced.

You can either create a master volume directly orconvert a standard volume to a master volume. In a nonredundant configuration the controllerwill be restarted automatically. The System User List panel displays the current list of configured users.

A message informs you that the new values will be requested the next time thecontroller is restarted. The status is OK when there are no encloure or warning conditions for the elementtype.

If the drive is absent or not fully inserted, it is represented with a white rectangleand is not selectable, as shown in the following example. Once the firmware update process has started, theDrive Firmware Loading Progress page provides the update progress of each diskdrive, including when the firmware update completes successfully. Page 62 Shutting Down a ControllerShut down a controller module before you remove it from an enclosure, or beforeyou power off its enclosure for maintenance, repair, or a move.


Page Qquarantined virtual disk, Rrackspecifying location, specifying number, RAID levelscomparison, descriptions, read-ahead cachechanging, 89displaying current configuration, enabling and disabling, 89rebuilding. Hope it works out for you!

HPE 3PAR NULL INF for SCSI Enclosure Device

Only one rollback is allowed on the same master volume at one time. Deleting UsersYou can delete any user from the system, including the default users.

Volume Serial Number — Serial number of the volume being created. The following panels are displayed: This event is expectedif the other controller is new or itsconfiguration has been cleared. Status ReasonShows the reason for Unavailable status: You can perform otherfunctions during the expansion.

Continue with Step In the Set Devce Date panel, select the current month, day, and year. The following figure shows how port IP addresses and mapped msa0212i arepresented if controller B fails.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

SNIA See also write-back cache, write-through cache. Specify the number of snapshots with this prefix to retain. Click Change Notification Settings.


Page How much modified write data will the snapshots have? The size of the chunk is based on the chunk size usedwhen you created the virtual disk the default is 64 KB.

Hosts typically dothis when they boot up or rescan for devices. Correct the problem as soon as possible.

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The virtual disk might be offline ormissing. You can expand only one virtual disk at a time.

Entering Enclosure InformationTo enter the name, location, rack encclosure, and rack position for an enclosure: For a licensed feature that has aquantity limit, the panel shows the maximum quantity available with the license andthe baseline maximum quantity available without a license. Thesystem name and location are displayed in the System Panel. Note — If you cannot navigate past the Log In page, check the browser settingsdescribed on page

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