Getting the same message no resource to load the wireless driver. A new laptop really isn’t in the budget right now, but we need the internet access. Plus, ur wireless and sound card will most likely stop workin after u downgrade Windows 7 Enterprise x64 SP1. Have you gotten an answer yet sh.

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If interested, drop me an message and I can email you how to fix it. You have to hunt through the HP website for similar models that came with XP, There you will find hp drivers for the identical hardware to what you have, or at least I did for my contgoller My email is Email Id removed for security Thanks.

I bought an express card instead of the usb wireless. Hi Amaan, I have hp pavilion dv laptop which came with vista loaded on it. I got the drivers but the wireless card won’t work If using a wifi USB adapter works I’ll post back on this thread. Microsoft has been fixing peoples xboxs for free ever since because it is such a huge problem I think you had the same problem.


My wireless has quit working. Same thing has just happened to me today. All times are GMT Now the problem seems to have returned. This worked for netowrk. Respond to Nirav Bhatt. I’m having the same problem, Any help apperciated. Report Respond to dev.

Hp dv wireless drivers [Solved]

Some people said it was fixed by just using an external wireless card solution, but the same folks said that the MB went bad next. I call HP customer care. After installation Nvidia nforce Networking Controller stopped working.

I have the similar problem what u have,after formatting hp vista and intalled XP ,i am having problems with internet and VGA colours,can u please send me the drivers to be installed. I’m an architecture major and need to use the internet a lot to upload designs and such.

Hi I am also having constant hassles with my HP laptop.

HP Pavilion dv6500 laptop network card drivers

HP has a fix that requires you to send it in to them, they will send u a prepaid box and make the repais free of charge. Do you have any ideas? Talk about bang for your buck ,its just great.


In total I managed to get three years out of the laptop. So would you say that the USB adapter has solved all your problems? As I said, the Nvidia chip itself has come loose.

Thats doesnt work for me. Danny – Jan 2, at First off, get your “Start Menu” open.

My next computer will be a Mac! What did you do to start your wireless working again. Akuojo Jun 24, at And my confroller and wifi wont work!

When I tried to load xp, it said operating system not found.

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