The drive was born from the joint venture between LG and Hitachi. Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature. The current TDV also checks the error correcting capabilities of the drive and includes scratches sized from 0. Each level is considered as passed, if the tone coming from the speakers is smooth, continuous without interruptions, skipping or looping. For the burning tests we created an Mb data compilation with Nero Burning Rom and recorded the data onto a disc. Most people know of LG as a consumer electronics manufacturer. Nero Burning Rom does not offer any option to disable the verification feature before burning.

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The software bundled is developed by Panasonic. However, LG chose not to include the utilities above for this drive.

LG GSA B Super-Multi – DVD±RW / DVD-RAM drive – IDE – internal Overview – CNET

The writing times are steady and consistent and appear to gsx quite good. The 3T Pit Jitter values start off at acceptable levels for all three speeds, but soon rise above the 35ns Red Book limit. Once you have logically formatted a Fvd disc, it can be used to write files just as you would do with a floppy disk or hard disk.

The Panasonic disc was read at 1. For this reason, the CDSpeed writing test average speeds are also lower than expected. The application software comes from BHA. Disc at once, session at once, track at once, packet write. A channel bit is converted to a multiple-pulse signal.


Once again, the performance is not particularly good and the drive certainly shows problems reading this disc. We copied a MB file It appears that defects are not so much the problem with this drive since in virtually all of this series of tests with defective media, the drive performed admirably over the defective areas.

Average Writing Time min. The Write-protect Setting is not applied to 2. It also has 65 – 75 micrometre high fingerprints. The land track and wobbled groove track are allocated like a single-spiral track to achieve the seamless recording and playback. The size of the file was MB. The drive shows a major problem when switching to the second layer in this test. The LG drive supports 24x reading speed for CD-RW media and as can be seen from the following graph, it confirms this reaching a final speed of The best deals on laptops, tablets, PCs, gaming and much more!


The final score of With the 2x rzm, average recording speed was 0. The performance is quite fast and is quite close to that of the LiteOn which was the fastest of the three drives. This score is certainly not one of the better scores we have seen from a drive and certainly indicates that there is room for improvement here. In addition, random accessibility, ending operation free, and 3X-speed recording are also notable.


With an average number of 1.

These tracks are referred to as Check Level-1 through Check Level Min Hard Drive Space. Notice that the verification feature cannot be disabled:.


Five tracks on the disc contain a sequence of progressively difficult tests. We tested the drive using the latest version of Nero. The resultant graph here is almost the same as the one from the previous test. The drive had severe problems with this test disc.

GSA-4081B Support

Optical Storage Form Factor. With CD-R media, the ripping speed remained the same as in the previous test, as indeed it did more or less for the other two drives as well. Compared to the other two drives, it is quite a good deal slower.

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