I believe White’s introduced a DD coil when the Goldmaster 3 came online but need to research that a bit more as my memory is fuzzy on that now. Home About Us Departments. I use both and rely on neither exclusively, except when given no other option, as in the case of the Gold Bug 2. Concentric coils get a bad rap these days mainly because of myths like the knife edge DD coil search pattern promoted by marketing pictures that bear little relation to reality. By rocmoc in forum Head To Head Comparisons. If this is not a DD coil, then which coil would you recommend for my’ metal detector for best Gold Nugget shooting in a variety of soil conditions? Having said that they get easier to learn and use with each model

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There also is no “best” coil.

I am a teacher, hydrologist, biologist and a prospector. I know that the ground is highly mineralized in the areas in Godlmaster Carolina where I prospect but I wonder if it is as highly mineralized as the grounds in the Gold rich areas of Arizona or California and other locations out West. Concentric coils get a bad rap these days mainly because of myths like the knife edge DD coil search pattern promoted by marketing pictures that bear little relation to reality.


However, I would like to know and hope that you all can tell me whether the Goldmaster Vsat, the Goldmaster 3 or the GMT would be better suited to the task. I have done quite a bit of research and know that in the ‘s, many nuggets and one as big as 8 pounds came out of areas where I want to get a metal detector into, especially some of the creeks, streams and rivers.


By calisdad in forum Garrett Replies: White’s called it a “Twin D” coil.

Jul 07, Last edited by Steve Herschbach; Jun 06, at He was a cunning knave, and of a temper that could put on various shapes; very rash in expecting great things, and very sagacious in bringing about what he hoped for. Results 1 to 12 of The abolition of that interference by the French Goldmaster V 52 Kamera Driver Indir zip was greeted as an act of liberation, and the example of France was soon followed elsewhere.

I was just hoping that I could get an knowledgeable opinion on which White’s metal detector in the Title is best in finding small to large Goldmastrr.

Instead of going big I use the small 4″ x 6″ Shooter DD coil more often than not chasing tiny gold. AufisherHemisteve2cmorau and 1 others like this.


The 14″ coils are heavy and rarely stay on long, but again, it depends on what you are doing. The Sierra white plastic 14″ elliptical coils are concentric and the newer black plastic ones are DD coils. Hunts sell all your detectors you have listed below your Avatar, well maybe keep a couple, see some redundancy, then maybe will have enough for the ML I enjoyed using all of the GM series from the II to now current GMT, your familiar with detector’s, MHO go for the GMT by far the shorter learning curve, and get a shooter coil what Steve Said, I do miss the ability to chest or hip mount with the older GM, sure made for a fun day swingin just a couple of ounces of detecting Rod.


White’s called it a Longscan” simply because it was elliptical which was new for White’s at the time. Jun 29, Thus Josephus here says, that those of Jotapata slew seven of the Romans as they were marching off, because the Romans’ retreat was regular, their bodies were covered over with their armor, and the Jews fought at some distance; his meaning is clear, that these were the reasons why they slew only, or no more than seven.

The time now is All times are GMT It is greatly appreciated! Subscribe to this RSS feed.

GMZ, GMT, Goldmaster, GM24K

goldmastfr I have never been into Fisher metal detectors, so sorry Steve S.! They work quite well as most GB2 owners will attest. Thanks for the help! He also built a good number of towers upon the wall, and fitted it to strong battlements. I know that you all are well hearsed in finding Gold, using metal detectors to Nugget Shoot and know your stuff. AP Senior Staff College.

GMZ, GMT, Goldmaster, GM24K

Originally Posted by Steve Herschbach. Shape has nothing to do with coil type, it is all in how they are internally wound. By golddredgergold in forum Personal Links Replies: Whites goldmaster V By jimorrison80 in forum Techniques.

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