Drive 1 4 B Guide Plate: M3 1 26 B Case: Indicates points to pay attention to when using the machine, and explanations of likely causes of paper misfeeds, damage to originals, or loss of data. Now, if your part does not have a link then find any link and click on it for vendor phone number to find out if the part can be ordered from the manufacture. Pickup 1 15 B Gear:

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T32 1 16 B Pulley: Drive 1 3 B Roller: NSA 1 20 H Plate: Front 1 7 GW02 Photointerruptor: EU 1 1 B Scale: Front 1 5 B Bushing: Form Feed Troubleshooting Form Feed This section gives gesttener for operating the machine when there is no tray for the selected paper size or type, or when paper loaded in the machine has run out. B40S2M 1 19 B Pulley: Drive 1 4 B Guide Plate: T25 1 17 AA04 Timing Belt: Driven 2 9 B Shaft: Lower 1 14 B Bracket: If the problem cannot be solved, contact your sales or service representative.


Paper Size Sensor 1 18 B Gear: Original Table 1 25 B Compression Spring: NA 1 20 B Decal: R0 1 30 B Guide: Upper 1 2 B Roller: INF 1 20 H Plate: Problem Printed images contain blots or are patchy.

Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and might be trademarks of their respective companies. Introduction This manual contains detailed instructions and notes on the operation and use of this machine.

Feed 1 21 B Gear: M3 1 26 B Case: Installing The Pcl Printer Driver 1. Driven 2 8 B Cap: Setting Up Options When setting up options, you should access the printer properties dialog box from Windows. Rear 1 12 B Guide: Knob 1 13 B Tape: If you want to use the PCL 5e printer driver, you must download it from the sup- plier’s Web site. Lgnl1 1 22 B Bracket: Rear Right 1 10 B Hinge: Discharge 1 28 AX06 Brushless Motor: Lower 1 7 B Spring Plate: Transport 1 21 B Stepper Motor:

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