I actually like the Menu, Home, Search and Back button location.. The Maps application works exceptionally well. It is also, as you can see on the picture, significantly smaller than the iPad. Attempting to do so will simply show the “Starting download Augen Gentouch 78 preview 35 Photos AndAppStore is a third party app store and you need an AndAppStore account that you can get at andappstore.

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[Official] Augen Gentouch78 Rooting and Deveā€¦ | Android Development and Hacking

I am going to try uzb keep this thread as up to date as possible. Below you can see the launcher: You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration. None of those devices ever had an impact. However, as of this writing in late August ofdespite numerous announcement of imminent iPad competitors, there really aren’t any.

Augen Gentouch 78 preview

Resolution in terms of pixel per inch, though, is roughly the same: The Augen tablet itself looks surprisingly elegant, mimicking the iPad’s smooth, flat surface with the actual display bordered by a black flush bezel.

For example, copying from a PC to the Augen goes to “internal storage” which is so well hidden in the file system that even Laptop Magazine said, “we were unable to find it on the GenTouch The technology inside the Augen GenTouch78 While almost all netbooks and most of the smaller tablets and vertical market devices we review here at RuggedPCReview.


The iPad’s capacitive touch screen and elegant, effortless user interface have totally redefined user expectations. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. As for that headphone jack, Augen has told us that if you email them at support augenus. Surrounding the tablet is a micro-USB port, a 2.

Below is the Skype screen and also the Maple Player app that somehow found its way onto our tablet: I jumped in the car and got it. Will definitely keep up with this.

Augen Gentouch 78 preview

So what’s powering the GenTouch? For a few additional sample screen captures from the Augen tablet, see here.

By -viperboy-Inactive Recognized Developer on 30th July The iPad often gets criticized for not having a card slot or USB port to copy things to and from. However, Gmail and YouTube are both pre-installed on the device, and we have had no issues with either one.

[Official] Augen Gentouch78 Rooting and Development [Working Android Market!]

For additional menu choices or options, you’d simply tap on “more”. I got my tablet today and I must say that I kind of like it. The unit has And since this is not a phone and doesn’t have a built-in microphone that I could tell, there’s gentouch778 no way of entering geentouch78 via speech reco. Much has been made of the slow boot time of the GenTouch, but that’s misleading. We stopped by KMart two more times, but they still did not have any.


While Gemtouch78 doesn’t currently use multiple windows or some other visible way to handle multi-tasking, apps do continue running and you can return to them even after using another. I ask cuz i’m currently stuck in recovry or something think i just got a bad device cuz my sdcards wouldn’t show. This is clearly not a device for writing.

When I used it for the first time, I was treated to a most impressive looking desktop that looks like a rotating galaxy of swirling stars, thousands of them. But Augen showed it can be done, and I am really glad they did it. I could easily browse clips and watch them run flawlessly.

It is also, as you can see on the uzb, significantly smaller than the iPad. OP Inactive Recognized Developer. The green circuit board to the right is a mystery as it is not connected to anything.

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