Refer to “Loading Paper in the Trays 1 to 4” P. Stapler Faults Remove the entire staple sheet including the jammed staple. Page 4 Fax various features to be used with transmission among F Code-compatible machines manufactured by different companies. In addition to the machine’s basic configuration, various optional features are available as separately-sold optional accessories. Position 1 to To prevent this, switch to KX-H.

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Select a copy ratio, or specify a value. Delete Deletes the selected document. Auto Start This sets auto start of the job flow for apeospirt-ii stored in the mailbox. The number of print pages is counted for each of color and monochrome. You can specify the value within the range from 64 to KB in 32 KB increments.

The a;eosport-ii and conclusions contained in the software and documentation are those of the authors and should not be interpreted as representing official policies, either expressed or implied, of the FreeBSD Project. Disable Fast Scrolling Holding down the scroll buttons does not scroll.

If no subject is specified, the preset subject will be automatically entered. If necessary, the printing is automatically reduced in size. Copying may not be performed correctly depending on the conditions. Page 4 Fax You can retrieve a document stored in the recipient’s c300 mailbox by sending instructions from your machine.


If the machine conditions are not improved by performing xpeosport-ii relevant remedy, contact our Customer Support Center.

Allow to edit From if Search Failed Set whether to protect e-mail addresses from being changed under [From] on the [E-mail] tab when an authenticated user fails to retrieve an e-mail address from the LDAP server.


Printing The [Authorization – Printing] screen appears. Action Select a lower compression output file format. A message is also displayed on the touch screen.

This machine supports two types of printer languages: Importing Scanned Data Set import method for scanned documents. Apeoxport-ii can also change settings for the print mode and fax receiving mode.

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-II C4300 User Manual

Cause The password is not correctly entered. You can also make copies with adjusting contrast. Page 4 Fax This chapter describes the basic operations and features for fax provided by the machine.

Main features of CentreWare Internet Services are listed below. CentreWare Internet Services allows you to import documents xf a machine’s mailbox to a computer through no application software.


After printing, deletes the document. Passcode Set the passcode. When replacing the waste toner container, clean the laser scanner D1, D2, D3, D4 located at the rear of the container using the cleaning stick supplied with a new waste toner container.

To display scanners on other subnetworks, register them in [Scanner Registration]. Auto According to the set feature, the machine automatically select [Collated] or [Uncollated]. Replacing Consumables Grip the lever R1 of the staple cartridge holder, and pull out the holder to the right, towards you.

Available fonts Available fonts are the followings: Sheet Filtering Displays the [Sheet Filtering] screen. When [Print] is Selected Select what to do with the document after printing.

For information about how to enter characters, refer to Entering Text P. Scan to PC Defaults For information on other settings, refer to the Network Administrator Guide. Use only toner cartridges recommended by Fuji Xerox.

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