The last section of the output relates to the battery backup unit BBU. During normal operation of the raid: This post is being written upon a request to rate my experience. You could also use hpacucli, which can be found at http: But I’ve been doing a lot of blogging at dan. This controller did not play nice with my onboard Intel High Definition Audio card.

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Otherwise, you use http. BBU charging I also found this interesting message: During normal operation of the raid: Not all my posts there are FreeBSD related.

Status of this document This document was initially written on the 2nd of August CLI – the argument version Then I tried passing arguments on the command line: Calling it reveals all needed information: The above script may not work when doing copy and paste, as reported by Per olof Ljungmark: I’ll try to summarise all information I got. Although I was initially concerned with the above messages, they do not appear to be hard errors that is, actual errors with the driver.

When filing a report with 3ware they asked me to update the firmware to the latest release. So if you have, you can send report or scripts to monitor it to me, so I can include it here the hint to it was send by Jaimie Sirovich. Need more help on this topic?


Redistribution and use of script, with or without modification, is permitted provided that the following condition is met: If you know that there’s something incorrect or outdated, please contact me.

I also recommend restricting access using your firewall. Things look quiet here. But a web interface can present information in a fashion that CLI cannot.

The FreeBSD Diary

Have a look at ataraid 4. Need more help on this topic? It’s a matter of grepping out the right information.

The above script may 3wware work when doing copy and paste, as reported by Per olof Ljungmark:. Things look quiet here. This is perhaps the easiest way of monitoring raid in FreeBSD. We achieved that with the following two scripts: You can also get very concise status reports: In general monitoring the state of a raid may be problematic, if the hardware does not expose the needed information or does just expose it via notification it sends a messages “raid status changed” through the driver, which you can try to grep out of syslog, but you cannot monitor it actively.


The last section of the output relates to the battery backup unit BBU.

A battery test takes at least 24 hours. In my case, it shows the main RAID array and the two hot spares.

FreeBSD Raid Monitoring

The areca controller can either be monitored directly from the raid controller 8 and 16 port versionswhich has an own nic and rj45 port or via the closed source webserver which is the same one as running on the controller. Set up a cronjob like this: For Interactive Mode Only! Here’s a scanpci pci bus 0x cardnum 0x00 function 0x So all in all it was still a good deal except that i now had to wait longer and potentially paid more shipping than necessary.

It was migrated to www. Configuring it means just to click around in the webinterface.

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