Nov 14, at 5: Hot products are hard to find. Wideload , Nov 10, Thanks for trying to help Baggy but if you’d read my previous posts you’d know that I found the best performance in this game to be one notch down from max. By the way, I have all the previous Fragnstein firmware’s if anbody ever feels the need to roll back to a previous incarnation!

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It obviously hasn’t helped with my close range reactions, only implanting a 12 year brain may helpbut it has definately made my mid to long range targeting better. When I want to do a drag in windows, holding the mouse button also fragnstein pc as multiple clicks. Played a couple of hours online Borderlands using the Modern Warefare 2 Expert 1. You get full frganstein axis motion control.

Bannco’s Fragnstein

Dec 13, Messages: I going fragnstein pc try it right now, thanks dude. Jan 4, at 9: Nov 15, at I’m sure you’ll be really happy with your Fragnstein! This extends the life of the controller and most gamers use their own rechargeable batteries already. My biggest problem is RF connection franstein that’s less to do with the Fragnstein and more because my PS3 is behind my sofa in an AV frahnstein and well out of line of sight!


Aug 20, Messages: My main concern however, as pointed out earlier in this forum, is battery life. Apr 7, Messages: Jan 3, at 4: Wideload how do you find the Aiming on the Stein is it slow like on the Frwgnstein

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Nov 10, at I discovered that when I freshly install the Windows 7 64bit drivers. We offer a free USB firmware upgrade, we offer free tweak software and the FRAGnStein has on-the fly adjustments that let you compensate for fast and accurate play. Silky smooth no lag game play. Do fragnstrin already have an account?

Instead of them blasting fragnstejn that complain about their hardware, maybe they could actually help you out with that. Thanks for visiting us for all things game related. I can only guess that it’s named version 3. Has anyone else found this with L2?

This setting seems to give the least amount of mouse lag or dead space.

New Drivers  ETP 4500 G DRIVER

Hey I got a question It’s rare but good to know they help quickly if needed. I’d say that’s a pretty good price.

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Are you on the latest firmware? I decided to persevere with my Bannco.

Nov 14, at 6: Mar 24, Messages: Thanks x 1 List. I was originally in the Fragfx v2 thread after I bought one for Christmas but having played with it for a few weeks, I can’t get it to work as I want it to.

I’ve applied the latest firmware update 2. It is a combination of a mouse and a grip.

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