An identical ring was glued to the bottom of the new diaphragms. Additionally, pics of the entry into the horn. With these date put into the simulation software, we can manage a flat frequency response from connecting the horn with opposite polarity relative to the midrange, where a 4th order filter would normally require same polarity. The key elements in all this is the 10″ midrange driver and magnificent 18 Sound compression driver and horn with its exceptional dispersion. The 10NMBA features a smaller voice coil, lower Fs, goes a bit deeper and you can never know what happens to performance from even small changes like these. Above the midrange-tweeter section impedance of the two speakers, red and green. Glued the upper broken lip back together

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I had to call in a couple of bodies to help getting the speakers to our living room. You can never tell what happens when we change the baffle or the placement of the driver.

Driver / Horn : Horn Drivers | Speaker Components| Fostex

I included the last image of fostec completed stack just for comparison. Some of you folks are much better with wood than I am – does that sound like a reasonable approach? Drivers alone are some EUR. All kit and component prices may be subject to change and are always to be confirmed by Jantzen Audio Denmark.


Then after all that has had a day to set up and dry, Glue the top lip back onto the lower assembly. As said above, I’ve been seriously disappointed going back in time reviewing stuff I found great many years ago, but that unforgettable memory of the JBL system at Danish Radio some 30 years ago turned out to be valid. EarlKFeb 8, The cut-off fostsx is Hz and it has degree dispersion.

The midrange is as dynamic and transparent as can be and the compression driver delivers a resolution and lack of distortion that leaves even the best of domes behind.

Speaker Components

Kind of a clean bill, isn’t it? You can see where the wood faded under the duct tape glue.

Log in or Sign up. Discussion in ‘ DIY ‘ started by hjamesFeb 7, Now, attenuators may have a bad reputation because the wipers may get noisy over the years.

Fostex FD 2″ Compression Drivers – Volvotreter Homepage

The second driver in line for midrange is the 10NW Price to pay is size – and weight, not to forget! And it looks cool too. Here are some pics on where I reconed comprsssion. The Hypex module does not have to be flush mounted, but it looks nice when done.

From a horn-loaded tweeter, the above frequency response is very flat indeed, and impedance is almost ruler flat.

The compression driver high-pass filter is created by a 2nd order filter creating a 4th order roll-off together with the drivers inherent roll-off towards the midrange driver, and the 10NMBA runs from an almost text-book 4th order low-pass section and an LR2 high-pass filter, thus must be connected with reverse polarity relative to the bass.


The pressure from the 18″ bass driver is enormous. Go to FA page: I believe they were originally machined and glued together for Foster.

Preparing the two upper braces with midrange cabinet. A midrange driver on steroids!

Fostex Horns and compression drivers

Place two layers of acoustilux at top of cabinet. The horn and the tweeter only takes a compresskon uF of good caps. What cannot be seen is what kind of bass performance we get in a given room. Tom BrennanFeb 8, Distortion can measured as content of 2nd, 3rd, etc.

Here we don’t have to engage in compreszion, we can just listen, drink our coffee, eat our cake and enjoy whatever our cartridge is able to pick up from the grooves – and by the way, when CDs are really good, they sound good here too. The ring adjust the position heith of the voice coil within the air gap.

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