I’m not sure about other cards, but I have been told by Egosys that they do not intend to produce 64bit drivers for the Wamirack. I’ve been using the Quatafire which is the firewire version with less analog inputs of the M and am really happy with it. The set up for ASIO was straight forward and without problems. They also make firewire and usb based audio tools. The manual is an example of simplicity and clarity. They make private label stuff for alot of companies as well as their own audiotek line. I should state here that I did the bulk of this testing on a very under rated machine to see how this card would really shine.

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Review on the EIS Waveterminal 192M sound card.

Windows media player through internet!!! These are professional audio tools that deserve professional hardware. So far, the drivers for this card have proven stable, fast and reliable. There are lots of excellent studio monitors in the to Great card, great value. I’ve also test it it with Sonar 2 XL with no problems.

I will make wavetermjnal note here that they were a a very good driver set and ran almost flawlessly. I noticed a while back that the forums just disappeared. I have no idea why. Comes with drivers only, no free,low end or crippled software.


According to the sales rep, it can load huge mdid samples directly of the hard drive instead of having to load them into ram first.

ESI – Download: Waveterminal M

It seems similar to re-wire but is application independent. They also make firewire and usb based audio tools. After playing around with it for a couple of weeks, I can safely say goodbye to the limitations of the soundblaster Audigy cards.

Practically, everything that you hear on your computer can be recorded digitally by sonar and wsveterminal sampled, mangled, pitch-shifted and the like. To be truthful, I don’t know much about midi, and need to learn more.

ESI WaveTerminal 192M

This however was simply fixed by uninstalling the older driver set and installing the newer version from ESI’s website. This however wavetermjnal really a problem on my end. I thought it looked like a really good card.

Thats’ great since I have a VIA southbridge chipset with the latest drivers. You can hook up condensor mikes if needed.

It has a main ESI chip along with 4 dsp chips. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Im not sure how may cards do this?

One thing I have’t test yet is it’s midi capabilities. In the meantime, where are these ESI forums you speak of? He has a usb based midi keyboard hooked up, and was playing away.

New Drivers  GA P35C DS3R DRIVER

They make private label stuff for alot of companies as well as their own audiotek line. The analog inputs and outputs can be found on a sturdy, well built breakout box which also has two phantom powered TRS inputs which are right beside the 4 unbalanced inputs. I simply couldn’t afford to 1k price tags that many of the better PCI based Audio cards are asking for. Aaveterminal me this was handy for mixing in External hardware synths into the mix as it went to SoundForge or WaveLab without anyproblems at all.

But make sure to follow the instructions to keep things simple. Performance This is were the card began to sway my choice for making it a permanant piece of gear here.

In all the driver configurations the audio was clean with no dropouts running a stack of 16 tracks of audio with the latency buffer in the the Waveterminal control panel set at And the Waveterminal was forced to run alongside a SoundBlaster card just to see how it played with others. WDM is as well.


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