No such file or directory. Adding support for the 8 bit ADC in the stk chip is planned in the future. Hi, I also complied the driver by apt-get installing the Kirkwood headers, and then issuing a modprobe stk A work in progress on the audio support can be found at: Activating audio for the STK device:

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End of file Do you know if it’s possible to fix it? This article covers all the tunerless USB 2. The exsycap module registers a control-only alsa soundcard.

How To Properly Install USB Easycap Device In Ubuntu

For the stk based EasyCAPs exists another article on this wiki with further information. The stk driver works as before on my machine.

It is expexted that the driver soon will get into the mainline kernel. If you can get a picture with mplayer I think the next step is, searching for the right settings for zoneminder. Enrico Pavia February 14, at 2: For SMI based devices exists atk1160 proceeding Linux-driver project: It needs a firmware for operation.


The Windows driver shipped with the device was for another model. Encode user and password into base64 using perl. Adding support for the 8 bit ADC in the stk chip is planned in the future.

Tv viewing and recording solutions for Linux: New driver for the EasyCAP DC60 – stk

Some changes had to be made to that module to make the driver work. Andrew, I am trying to get this working on an Android device Nexus 7. Although the driver is tested on Ubuntu, you do the installation at your own risk! The stk regression problem.

Friday, March 29, Features of the stk driver in the kernel. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Set default input int bash Username or Email Address. CW October 16, at 9: Also, a very experimental for testing purposes only userspace driver is available on github: Can you provide the contents of that file from your server?


Clear out modsec hits list in WHM. You will not be able to use your remote control. Your email address libux not be published. Hi Carol, I’ve just published a new post where you find the answer to your question. I’m glad that everything is working, any problems found you can add an issue on github.

Tv viewing and recording solutions for Linux

Activate audio for the STK device. Hi, I think there is no problem with the stk driver but with the output driver which is selected automatically by mplayer directfb.

Read more on this post: Ezequiel Garcia July 8, at 4: Adding support for the 8 bit ADC in the stk chip is planned in the future. Cannot allocate memory vo: Andrew Schalk September 13, at 3:

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