I may even have a go at setting up mythtv when I get a chance as this new usb dvb-t tuner is showing better signal strength on three channels that mythtv refuses to lock on. Well, currently there is no information on the chipset other than the information gained via usb siffing. It worked fine with plugging- in as required though you could not plug-in, unplug and replug in the same session, as when you replugged the dongle would not work. First you have to find out which is the model. Just bough that and i can’t manage to make it work under Linux. It even works as plug and play as many times as you like where it didnot before. I get the following error:

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I’ve discovered that some of them are present on the kernel dvb-core.

Views Read View source View history. I did this on a Ubuntu system 9. I cannot say from the picture.

drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb/ecc – kernel/msm – Git at Google

Note that under Windows, the red light on the usb stick lights up, under linux it stays dim all the time but watching TV with mplayer is just fine. This page has been accessed 80, times. The longer solution is to install the kernel source and then modify the makefile configuration options to use that instead of the headers it will default to using the headers still if not configured correctly. So there is not much to put on a 3ec chipset page.


I was able to use my usb dvb-t stick in Ubuntu e3. Both use a similar small e3 placed at the same spot for comparison. Just bough that and i can’t manage to make it work under Linux.

Microsoft Open Technologies will serve also the unifying factor for the multiple companies and communities that long for cooperation with …. I hope that makes sense and gives some indication as to what should be done.

All other modules load fine. Sorry I am a newbie, ec1668 any basic advice would be appreciated. Remote control part is recognized as HID device by the kernel.

Hope this helps P. First you have to find out which is the model.

MEDIA – e3C, Inc. – EC168 DVB-T Device Drivers Download

That makes it hard to trace the original manufacturer. I have not used the dongle for a few weeks and now it is not recognised. Also, this e3 does not show the signal strength in the kaffeine tuning dialog while the Pinnacle stick does.

The Pinnacle stick also was recognized by Ubuntu without any additinal installation. Hi all got it now all up and running found this Tutorial and it works now my dvb-t usb dongle is working My WandTV has the EC chipset and now works under Ubuntu! E3cc all i have just been given a dvb-t usb dongle and trying to get it to work but have installed the lates vl4-dvb drivers and configure as describe on the forum but the dvb-t usb dongle is not showing up d3c is i picture of the usb dvb-t i do not know what make it is so can any one tell me from the ec16 what make it is and if it will work in ubuntu Thanks madman It’s even impossible to load the firmware via dfu-ec Nonetheless, if turning the cooler sideways, it becomes vivid that the item is a ….


Any other third-party products, brands ec618 trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner. Drivers may also be available for free directly from manufacturers’ websites.

[ubuntu] dvb-t usb dongle [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

What seems to be required is that the 5 files are loaded during the boot sequence. Both models are delivered in a standard format with minimum components in the nominal kit.

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This page was last modified on 24 Januaryat In this light, Microsoft has recently created a subsidiary company, Microsoft Sc168 Technologies, which is called to develop and improve the software with the open-source code.

Attached at address 0xc6 [ Commercial success of the company in IT market depends upon the applied marketing strategies, line of products, and processing technologies. I’ll try to clean up the list of devices tomorrow.

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