This effect is based on an electro-hydrodynamic instability forming what are now called “Williams domains” inside the liquid crystal. The display device according to claim 3 , wherein the insulator portion includes both of the touch panel side ridge and the front case side ridge. When an external light is reflected by the frame body, the frame body is brightened. The origins and the complex history of liquid-crystal displays from the perspective of an insider during the early days were described by Joseph A. LCD screens are available in a wider range of screen sizes than CRT and plasma displays , with LCD screens available in sizes ranging from tiny digital watches to very large television receivers. An opening of the panel frame portion relative to the touch panel is formed to be larger than an opening of the front case relative to the display unit.

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The touch panel is a position sensing device, which is transparent and is configured into a rectangular plate form that corresponds to the display Furthermore, in the above-described embodiments, it is described that the display deviceA is used in the navigation system for the vehicle. A liquid-crystal display LCD is a paenl display or other electronically modulated optical device that uses the light-modulating properties of liquid crystals.

The combination with the dynamic backlight control, invented by Philips researchers Douglas Stanton, Martinus Stroomer and Adrianus de Vaan, simultaneously increases the dynamic range of the display system also marketed as HDR, high dynamic range television. That is, the spacer is installed to the outer peripheral portion of the displayto which the front case is installed.

lcd tv screen panel

The insulator portion is clamped between a surface a of the flange portion of the front case and a surface a of the glass plate of the touch panel This is for the reason of providing a sufficient surface area of the operating surface a of the touch panel and for the reason of limiting overlapping between the panel frame portion and the electrodes of the touch panel to limit placement of the electrodes into the electrically conducted state all the time.


Ld touch panel cover includes an outer peripheral cover portion, which is configured into a tubular form and covers outer peripheral surfaces of the display unit and of the touch panel, and a panel frame portion, which covers an outer peripheral part of the operating surface of the touch panel. In this way, the surface texture is formed in the viewable surface of the insulator portionwhich may possibly be viewed by the driver.

LCD screens are available in a wider range of screen sizes than CRT and plasma displayswith E152 screens available in sizes ranging from tiny digital watches to very large television receivers.

In such a case, the position of the distal end part a may be set between the line position a of the opening and the outer peripheral line position c of the display area a. Castellano, World Scientific Publishing Co. Thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display and Active-matrix liquid-crystal display.

The general method of matrix addressing consists of sequentially addressing one side of the lcdd, for example by selecting the rows one-by-one and applying the picture information on the other side at the columns row-by-row. Proceedings of the IEEE.

Liquid-crystal display – Wikipedia

The display device according to claim 1wherein the insulator portion includes at least one of the followings: LCD screens explained Liquid crystal display LCD is a device that utilizes the electro-optical characteristics of a liquid crystal to convert an electrical stimulus into a visual signal.

Retrieved August 15, Kiefer, Liquid crystal switching elements having a parallel electric field and beta o which is not 0 or 90 degreesfiled Jan 9, For instance, a display device disclosed in Patent Literature 1 is known as a prior art display device.

Because of this, TN displays with low information content and no backlighting are usually operated between crossed polarizers such that they appear bright with no voltage the eye is much more sensitive to variations in the dark state than the bright state.


The optical effect of a TN device in the voltage-on state is far less dependent on variations in the device thickness than that in the voltage-off state.

Stands for “Liquid Crystal Display. The display device according to claim 8wherein the surface-textured part is formed at least in an area of the surface of the insulator portion, which is located on the side where the touch panel is located and is visually recognizable by the user through the opening of the panel frame portion. Twisted nematic field effect. The cover film is placed on an opposite side, which is opposite from the display in a direction that is perpendicular to the display surface of the display The distal end part b 1 forms an acute angle.

LCD Structure | Samsung Display PID

Therefore, the manufacturing costs of the mold can be reduced. Displays for a small number of individual digits or fixed symbols as in digital watches and pocket calculators can be implemented with independent electrodes for each segment.

User Manual, Page 12″. The insulator portion is formed integrally with the spacer portion and is psnel between the display unit and the front case.

Liquid-crystal display

A subject area of the insulator portionwhich is surface textured, may be, for example, an entire area of the touch panel side surface of the insulator portion in the first embodiment. Furthermore, depending on a need, the distal end part a 1b 1 may be rounded by chamfering. Here, an opening line position of the opening a is located on the outer peripheral cover portion side of the inner side line position b in FIG.

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