Page Replacing the Consumables Hold the drum cartridge by the tabs at both ends, and slide the cartridge toward the front of the printer. Your web browser launches and our web site is displayed. Specifies the time between redial attempts. Selecting 2 sided Printing Manual 2 sided Printing from Tray 1 This section explains how to print a 2 sided job using Tray 1. Printing Confidential Document – Secure Print Printing Confidential Document – Secure Print About Secure Print Secure Print is a feature that allows you to assign a password to a print job from the computer, send it to the printer for temporarily storing, and start printing the data from the printer console. Makes the copy softer than the original. Printer Console Printer Console This section includes:

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Refer to the manual of your respective application docu;rint. With the document open in your application, click File, and then click Print. On the printer console, click the Email button.

Scanning This chapter includes: Though it will suffice for straight text, we would have preferred slightly better resolution for image scanning. When inserting the tray, be careful not to get your fingers caught between the tray and the printer.

Follow these guidelines when loading originals into the document feeder: Prints a report c11990 the speed dial numbers. Unlock the lever and dcuprint out the paper to remove it. Types Of Manuals Provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up your printer. When an error or warning condition occurs, the printer console displays a message informing you of the problem.


Selects the color mode, either color or black and white. You can also delete, without printing, secure print data stored in the printer. Print Quality When the print quality is poor, select the closest symptom from the following table to correct the problem.

Consumable Store all consumables in accordance with the instructions c11190 on the package or container.

Fuji xerox docuprint cfs price, harga in Malaysia

If you close this window, you cannot display the window again. If you cannot remove the paper in Step bdo as follows. Automatic fax reception is turned off. Before faxing you must set the country code and fax number for the printer.

It automatically checks the printer status when you send a print job. Selecting Printing Options Selecting Options for an Individual Job Macintosh To select print settings for a particular job, change the driver settings before sending the job to the printer. The length guide extends beyond the edge of the tray for paper that is longer than mm.


When you start manual 2 sided printing, the instruction window appears. Page Before scanning, you must create an address for your printer to scan to.

Fuji Xerox provides drivers for a variety of page description languages and operating systems. The Image Capture Devices screen appears.


Paper Jams Push the side button right side and open the front cover.

DocuPrint C1190 FS Drivers & Downloads

Paper can jam in the ADF if the document feed tray is overfilled. Do not close the window until the 2 sided printing has completed. Printing a System Settings page To print the System Settings page to view current information about your printer, do the following: If pulled out diagonally, the ribbons may rip.

Do not touch areas with labels indicating high temperature and those surrounding the labels. Loading Paper Loading Paper This section includes: The laser printer capably handles text at font sizes ranging from 7pt to 22pt, producing accurate and readable characters without aberrations.

C119 or If the error occurs again, contact the Fuji Xerox local representative office Restart Printer or an authorised dealer. Page 8 Contents Managing Fax Functions In addition to normal printing, you can select Secure Print, which holds the document until a PIN code is entered, and Sample Print, which allows you to save the print job into the memory for later duplication.

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