All materials contained in this publication are protected by Copyright More information. However, it is recommended that you read and. Set it to true to stop crawl on content fetch error, else set it to false. A Blob instance is valid for the duration of the transaction session in which it was created. For example, you might display http: Optional Crawl folder attributes:

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Otherwise, the sub-sites are not crawled. Database Password Password associated with the database user ID.

Search results point to the content information page. Table Documentum Data Type Mapping. Select Default Configuration Object in the server field, and click Next. A user must have access to the account to read, write, delete or administer documentm in that account.

Documentum and Java : JDBC

To synchronize them, you must import users and groups from AD to Documentum: In Designated Server, select the host name of Documentum Server.

Click Create or Create and Customize to create the source. Setting to false fetches newly added and modified documents, and removes the documents from the Oracle SES index that were deleted from the Sharepoint repository. Its value can be any number greater than or equal to 0. Under Import, select Users and Groups. An Administration user can also check in documents with another user specified as the Author.


Exclude all URLs that match the expression provided in this parameter. Configuration for Documentum Content Server 6. List all custom attributes to index, using the names displayed in the user interface.

Process the ResultSet 7. Password associated with the database user ID.

Getting Started with the Documentum econnector for JDBC 4.2

Roles docunentum Groups, and Accounts. The SES administrator must be careful not to expose documents to other users inadvertently. Document Count Maximum number of documents to be crawled.

Provide the AD user name, for example Administrator. Sets security on documents for indexing. SQL in Application Code. By hdbc, Oracle Content Database has a limit of three concurrent requests simultaneous operations for each user.

Maximum number of attempts to connect to the target server for access to the data feed.

Then, enter and confirm the keystore password -storepass password that you provided in step 1. Save and submit the user.

Use the following format to enter the configuration URL: Open a Connection to a Docbase 4. Provide the admin user name of AD.


You can crawl an entire area or site or a specific folder. A document is also re-crawled if documwntum is moved within Documentum Content Server and the end user has to access the same document with a different URL. Set it to true to stop crawl on content fetch error, else set it to false. Click Create to create the Oracle Content Server documdntum.

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