Crna Gora – Srpski. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Using the method described above I managed to obtain the stable method to apply the settings to local printers on different Windows OS versions. You should set dmSize to effective size of your implemetation before calling API functions:. This member is primarily for non-ICM applications.

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And finally I recover the value of dmCopies and it put in a listView but it don’t work.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The printer driver must provide a user interface for sttructure this member. Specifies how ICM is handled.

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Note that this name may be truncated to fit in the dmDeviceName array. My code is this: ToString ; return “Error: The version number of the initialization data specification on which the structure is based.

This sample code determines whether the printer can use orientation and duplex double-sided settings and changes them appropriately. This value is also known as the display device’s vertical refresh rate. It would be interesting to know. Downloads TrueType fonts as soft fonts.


This member can be one of the following values. ToInt32 – int devMode. Selects duplex or double-sided printing for printers capable of duplex printing. The function that performs copying from fromDevMode to toDevMode by fields:. Bosna i Hercegovina – Hrvatski. The research of this problem brought me to the following results.

visual studio – How I can require dmCopies from the DEVMODE structure in C#? – Stack Overflow

Devmpde — I couldn’t use that structure to attach secondary monitor properly. Unable to set shared printer settings. Your feedback will help us improve the support experience. The following piece of code demonstrates the methods of settings updating for different operating systems:. Gethdevmode, where default structure doesn’t work for me.

DEVMODE Structure of Windows Printer Driver

Download sources of the sample project – If the flag is not structre, noninterlaced is assumed. This method was tested for all OS starting with Win For printer devices only, selects the sturcture of the paper. In this article, I will describe the method of setting the printer settings and the problems I faced on different OS versions. United Kingdom – English. Instead I’ve used structure from: You should set dmSize to effective size of your implemetation before calling API functions: Download source – This handle is obtained from OpenPrinterwhich the sample code also illustrates.


Specifies the width, in pixels, of the visible device surface. This is the default action for dot-matrix printers.

This value is the most appropriate choice for business graphs when dithering is not desired.

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