I’m not sure I feel very confident opening up the laptop and poking around inside I did not test out bluetooth at this stage. Your going to do great To Remove Cover: Be very careful not to touch anything on the inside of the laptop, just remove cover, take a peek in and replace the cover. You can find this on the bottom of your laptop.

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I tried removing just the battery, but not the CMOS battery.

I think I will just leave it and use a lead! What operating system are you using? And more to the point, if a driver is not there, why does device manager not report any unknown devices? The official maximum is 4 GB but the 8 GB part from crucial can be used:. Thanks for the detailed write up I will download the files and perhaps upload the installers to OneDrive. Old hard drive with recovery partition died so I ran all the supplied disks i. If you upgraded from 8 or 7, you should have gotten the DVD player app for free.

Studio – Windows 7 and 64 Bit – The Unofficial Windows 10 Reinstallation Guide

Ignoring that, eh that’s Dell cds lbuetooth you. Things seemed to go well with the exception of some graphics distortion, which, according to one forum, could be corrected with a Bios update. There is a Bluetooth symbol on the laptop itself next to the WiFi and Battery symbol but windods is not lit up like they are.


When, I turn the wireless radio on, the WiFi and Bluetooth icons both light up above the keyboard.

Bluetooth on my Dell Studio 1737?

The Dell Webcam Central was one of those programs! Cmon guys, I need some help on this one.

Windows OS Windows 7 and 8. With that stick, the laptop failed to turn on at all. If anyone has any idea of what I could do to make the keyboard function normally please share. To visual check if bluetooth card is installed open panel on vluetooth of the laptop, it is clearly marked WPAN.

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Its almost like bluetooth is a non plug-n-play device which is pretty strange by today’s standards. Check out the forums and get free advice from the experts.

Wiindows you state above, the is usually at a much higher resolution. Usually keyboard issues like you describe are due to a loose ribbon cable between the keyboard and the mainboard… Reseat the keyboard, see the Service Manual: Edited by Macboatmaster, 11 May – The first link I gave you is going to show you how to remove the cover, the second is going to show you the layout of the motherboard inside.

It is really simple to do, but I do understand if you are not comfortable doing so. As I said in previous post, I actually find bluetooth to be quite annoying when rebuilding laptops OS because Device Manager windosw simply not report the fact its missing or not, not even if you enable hidden devices.

New Drivers  B203 104 DRIVER

Everything looks great but I cant see any mention of any bluetooth devices in Device Manager. This is generally an optional item when ordering. Who knows, Zune was Microsoft and they made have made Grove an off shoot of the Zune software. You might find the problem was that when you first installed your drivers you didn’t install bluetooth because generally the Dell cds put a check mark next to items it can detect on your system but more often than not, for some reason a lot of the time it doesn’t put a checkmark next to the bluetooth driver.

Ive come across instances with laptops where no bluetooth devices appeared in Device Manager until I ran the provided bluetooth App that effectively enabled bluetooth functionality. Be very careful not to touch anything on the inside of the laptop, just remove cover, take a peek in and replace the cover.

If not, go dig around and find your driver disc. If this is so, you will need to purchase windws install this card. Hi, after upgrading my studio from Windows 7 to Windows 10 everything is working great except the keyboard. Do not touch windosw remove the card to do so.

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