So I attempted to find the common register reads that don’t have a need for this ordering so that I could make them use this faster read. This is more inline with the rest of the kernel and avoid crashes for very large machine configurations. But in fact I think it is better just to drop the test. So swap can work out which blockdevs back this particular page. So that’s about as far as I can take this testing for now. John Hawkes reports successful booting with this. This eventually means that we can change these to normal resources which aren’t marked busy.

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It would be nice to have a readahead-setting audik which also allows, say, NFS to be tuned. I need to come up with generic solutions until I can find a cheat for the benchmark. The driver is still compatible with old behaviour, so the zr driver the original user of the saa module doesn’t need any changes. This patch follows Linus’ suggestion, simply to take a private copy of the page in such a case: If we remove it we tell the user that hardware tests are not supported at all.

As you note, it is a debug message.

Merge the ioctl stub calls that just end up calling the sub-function to do the actual ioctl. Summary of changes from v2.

New Drivers  MG-0982 HP MOUSE DRIVER

Apart from kinda freaking me out, the analysis which led to this decision becomes untrue with later patches. I found that my card has a signature 0x52 0x49 that was not recognized devkce the driver. Partly the reason was that I disliked using 435 macros as lvalues: The code still needs some cleanup here and there, but it’s to the point that it’s should be OK to push upstream.

The set of possible CPU numbers doesn’t change during a single system boot, but the set of present CPUs changes as CPUs are physically inserted into or removed from a system. The patch changes smpboot.

Cross node task migration was decreased in all above benchmarks, sometimes by a factor of !!

auudio Vesa Fbdev update fix From: Platform device matching On Mon, Apr 26, at Auido can make DVD decoding with hardware support a lot faster. Because of this there are changes in the following two APIs. There’s still room for improvement: Devoce regular “memset ” may be using cache control instructions etc, which is not appropriate for memory-mapped IO.

Tested on PVR ; please merge. The analagous bug in some of the patches floating about to demand-allocation of hugepages is more of a problem, because multiple processes can race to instantiate a particular page in the radix tree – that’s been hit at least once which is how I found this. These are not needed, the m68k asm code for these functions is ColdFire clean.


long-format changelog []

I wanted to get Christoph’s patches now in, but already the first his patch comes on the top of this one: SpecSFS fileset is basically a lot of small file which varies depending on the size of the run. Move declarations into headers From: Actually it would be probably a good idea to add a printk here to catch broken programs for i and x, but that is for another patch.

Please apply on top of the other stuff. This is an SMP bug. I have verified it still compiles and boots with this “change”.

Take and put a ref against the superblock to fix that. Fix csx of mouse reset 0xff command. No idea if it can be done better.

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Also, according to Anton, gcc 3. It also turns wake balancing into a domain flag while previously it was always on. It defaults to the number of processors.

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