Views Read Edit View history. It had nearly all of the capabilities of the PCI edition, but in a far smaller form factor. This download is an application for use with Creative audio products. I suspect things might not be so good at Drive Ribbon for the A2 series.

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Equally fringe cards like the A4np might have the same driver issues. Is this a typo? Basically, I think the X-Fi is overpriced for what it offers. The musician tells me he uses a DPAwhich he describes as by far the best onboard mic you can get.

In the scenario I described in my previous message, there had been both downsampling and upsampling: Here is a link to page creqtive of it, and it’s worth reading on from this point. It may be that output at 96k with no DSP effects enabled is not resampled. And with orchestral recording, you get very little, if anything, above about 25kHz from them. Audigy 2’s 3D audio capabilities received a boost when compared to its predecessors. As one would expect, the level of the music signal relative to noise declines with greater frequencies, though the signal is clearly visible in many places.

The chip again can process up to 64 DirectSound3D audio channels in hardware.

Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS Platinum

As an aside, none of this refers to any actual listening at all — these are entirely technical matters about emu110k2 processing and possible compromises in quality. So in spectral view, I see harmonics for the violin going up to 48 kHz, though only vaguely as frequencies approach the upper limit.


I don’t emu10i2 the model number, but will inquire if it turns out that it really was producing a response that high in the frequency range.

The very best that human hearing ever achieves is to be able to hear sounds at about 22kHz if they are pretty loud – and that ability falls away rapidly in your late teens as a rule.

I have disable my onboard sound card – realtek and only the SB is being used. I wanted to ask if there is Driver or something better and that works for the sound card Creative Sound.


There may well be extended harmonics generated within a violin auidgy could be picked up by a mic under the bridge, but they sure as hell aren’t supposed to escape from the instrument! So my concern about the reference to that thread is that I already am aware that recording above the audible frequency range is wasteful. If it’s there as a discrete tone at the correct frequency when you play back the recording, then the creattive is indeed not resampling.

I wouldn’t bet the house on it. Resolves the following issues: You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Creative sound blaster audigy 4 sb 7 1 driver. Follow the instructions on screen. And that’s with monitors that have a response that audigj to about 35kHz. Examining a DVD Decrypter rip of the DVD tracks indicates information going up to quite high frequencies, though not quite as clear as on my recording.


I wouldn’t even like all that unnatural HF getting as far as a mic preamp, quite frankly, never mind being digitised – it won’t do much for the intermodulation performance at all, and definitely won’t improve the sound quality as a result.

And this will, incidentally, do intermod. They were playing fairly energetically, but not creating an ongoing block of sound. The frequency response from that is pretty flat until 43 kHz, where it is down 3 dB.

What is NOT an issue to me is whether any the information in my recording audigj 24 kHz to 48 kHz is actually audible. The full table from the user’s guide: Much of that thread’s discussion is about the “news” that high-definition recordings aren’t inherently better than CDs, based purely on sampling rate.

This note applies only to the SB and may or may not work for other Audigy 4 cards. How To Receive Warranty Service.

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