Paper jams when the copy paper is caught main switch is turned around the job separator eject switch. To reset the paper misfeed detection, open and close the conveying cover to turn safty switch 2 off and on. Correct image Output Output Page Installing the dehumidifier heaters service part Dehumidifier heater installation requires the following parts: The screen for selecting an item is displa yed.

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In duplex mode, after copying on to the reverse face of the paper, the paper is reversed in the switchback section and conveyed to the duplex section.

Remove the stop ring of the bypass paper Stop ring Bushing feed shaft and slide the bushing in the direction of the arrow. The height of the magnetic brush is regulated by the doctor blade; This operation should be performed when the 2.

Remove the two fastening pins securing the Intermediate tray unit stapler unit at the bottom of the intermediate tray unit. Paper conveying clutch CCL Run maintenance item U and turn feed switch 2 on and off A paper jam in the manually. Inner ejection cover Screws Remove the original cover or the DP. Adjust the height of the rear right caster by turning its adjustment bolt using a cross- headed screwdriver so that the axis of the pin of the latch catch is aligned with the middle of the three markings on the right of the slot of the finisher or switchback unit when the finisher is joined to the copier viewed from U Adjusting the shading position Description Changes the shading position.


Firmware upgrading requires the following tools: When inserting the stapler unit into the finisher, be sure to grasp the upper portion shaft of the stapler copgstar as shown in the illustration. Maintenance Contents Factory setting item No. Copystat Construction of each section The job separator consists of the components shown in Figure Electrically connected to the copier.

If necessary, protect it with a cable cover or other appropriate item. Lower side is longer.

copysyar To reset the paper misfeed detection, open and close the desk left cover to turn the desk safety switch off and on. Also check for continuity within the The message safety switch connector connector cable. This is due to flaws or stains inside the shading plate. U Setting the type of cooling fan Description Sets the new or old type of cooling fan. U Initializing backup memory Description Initializes only the data set for the optical section or initializes various setting data when installing the optional network scanner board.


Insert the DP into the copier.

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Remove copywtar two positioning pins and refit all the removed parts. The copied paper is conveyed to the job separator and then ejected to the job separator tray. Attach the staple cover.

Broken upper lift motor Check for continuity across the coil. Remove the two screws and then remove the Ejection cover ejection cover with the mounting plate. Remove the three screws holding the desk Screws Retainer Clamp rear cover and then the cover. Figure Toner container retainer 6.

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The selected item is displayed in reverse. Remove the upper and lower drawers. U Setting the service telephone number Description Sets the telephone number to be displayed when a service call code is detected.

Set the waste punch box back into the finisher, and fasten it into place with the two fastening pins.

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