To remove the jammed paper, open the conveying cover. When the switchback unit is to be installed The height of the magnetic brush is regulated by the doctor blade; Page 2 Intermediate tray section Machine front Machine inside Machine rear Figure Intermediate tray section 1. Remove the two screws holding the deck paper conveying unit assembly and then the assembly. Purpose To be set according to user copy service provider request. Install the optional paper feeder or large paper deck.

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Poor contact of the desk Reinsert the connector.

Page 2 Replacing the desk upper or lower paper width switches Replace the desk upper or lower paper width switches as follows. U Changing the copy count timing Description Changes the copy count timing for the total counter and other counters.

Open the left cover of the copier.

Purpose To check the change in original scanning values before and after shading. Caution Before making this adjustment, ensure that the following adjustments have been made in maintenance mode.

Copystar Cs-3035 With Df-73 Finisher 456 941 Pages

Misadjusted center line of image printing. Purpose To check main charging.

Make sure that the plate spring of the rail retainer fits into the groove and the edge of the guide rail fits between the pulleys on the reverse side of the rail retainer. Replace the main charger copsytar.


Upper lift motor LM-U In duplex mode, after copying on to the reverse face of the paper, the paper is reversed in the switchback section and conveyed to the duplex unit.

Primary paper feed from the lower drawer. Remove the press roller and fixing heater M and S see pages and Check if the rollers and gears operate Grease the bushings and gears.


Align the ccs-3035 retainer with the groove of the guide rail and attach the rail retainer to the Rail retainer Guide rail guide rail. Close the conveying cover and the front cover. Insert the DP into the copier. Open the conveying cover of the copier. Screw Modular cover Figure Attach the large ejection cover using the two screws that have secured the upper left cover.

Purpose Used when the entire image appears too dark or light.

Copystar CS Toner Cartridge – 34, Pages – QuikShip Toner

Set the finisher against the copier. Remove the 2 screws holding the printer system in place, and pull the printing system out of the shield cover. U Adjusting the scanner automatically Description Makes auto scanner adjustments in the order below using the specified original.


Feed switch 1 FSW This manual also for: Tape Tape Shifting guide Figure 6. Page 5 Adjusting the amount of slack Perform the following adjustment if the leading edge of the copy image is missing or varies randomly, or if the copy paper is Z-folded. A paper jam in the drawer is extremely curled.

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In the switchback section, paper is conveyed by touching of the switchback press roller rotated by normal rotation of the switchback feed motor SBFMwith the switchback press pulley activated by turning on the press solenoid PRSOL. Bypass forwarding pulley Forwarding pulley retainer Figure Bypass paper feed shaft Select the item to be changed.

Scanner board Screws Figure The height of the magnetic brush is regulated by the doctor blade; Remove two screws and take off the feedshift guide assembly.

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