If this fails then you may have a configuration problem or you may simply be using the incorrect UserName and PWD. In fact; so similar that the communication protocol used by client software to communicate with these servers are virtually identical. The ESM driver is supported starting from Genero 2. The FTM driver is supported starting from Genero 2. Link to this page Print this page.

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If you don’t have a package manager, you will have to compile odbc.

Subsequently these two SQL Servers are very similar. The ESM driver is supported starting from Genero 2. The main orbc to take note of is the “–with-tdsver” configure option. As an added feature, it will show you how to make this all work with php.

We will use the command line tool ‘isql’. Start by setting some environment variables.

If you are able to do this, you can skip to the last step of configuration, creating an odbc datasource name. The SNC driver is supported starting from Genero 2. Assuming you have a package manager, download and install the odbc extension for PHP if it isn’t already installed.


The easiest way to get FreeTDS is through your distro’s package manager, if one is available.

See FreeTDS documentation for more details. You need at least EasySoft version 1. Note; you will want to use your own Server address.

The database client locale is defined by the regional settings of the application server and must match the locale used by the BDL application. Link to this page Print this page.

Again we will use the odbcinst command instead.

You need at least FreeTDS version 0. Make sure the FreeTDS environment variables are properly set. If your package managed doesn’t have such a driver available, you have to download the FreeTDS source code and congigure it. Note; we have executed previous commands as root denoted by leading ‘ ‘ character on given commands but here we execute the command as a regular user.

The “configure” options can be viewed by executing “.

Prepare the runtime environment – connecting to the database

We will focus on using the odbcinst command. Again, we start by creating a template file – this one is called tds. Configurf project is called FreeTDS. As of writing, the debian package tdsodbc is in unstable. Of course; you will want a login id and password. To enable odbc in PHP, just modify the php.


Prepare the runtime environment – connecting to the database

As of this writing, connections using named pipes are currently unsupported. This is related confkgure the server itself or a connectivity issue firewall, routing, configire. Use of “Server” should be preferred over “Address” see http: I did this on a debian 3. This list describes each of them: Once you have unpacked the source typically using something like “tar zxvf freetds Brian Bruns started a open source project to provide an implementation of the TDS protocol to anyone who wanted it.

Create a file named tds. You must also set the following DSN parameters:

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