Of course, anyone else can do the same. The protrusion, however, is generally out-of-sight and the extra capacity affords you an extra hour or so of battery life. I found this to be very impressive for a notebook with a This isn’t uncommon even on new laptops. The system is very responsive in everyday tasks, and multitasking is seamless thanks to a dual-core Intel processor and 1GB of RAM. Above the display is the integrated 1. The chassis is very rigid, and there is hardly any flex on the unit.

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Compal HEL80 Review

Log in or Sign up. On the edges, it is noticeable. Hopefully Intel will continue to release more VBI laptops and options for them; it’d be dl80 to see Dec 29, Messages: Nice work, been waiting for this. These sounds are quite muted in my opinion and any audio signal would easily cover them.

Even at full tilt, I found the fans to be within reason as far as noise goes — there is no whining, only the rush of air escaping.

But unfortunately it completely disables it, to the point it doesn’t even show up as a device to the OS.

RAM is similarly easy, once you’ve gotten the panel open don’t be afraid to put force on those panels – they’re pretty solid.


I am in no way a fan of touchpads, vompal as far as touchpads go, this is one of the better ones. Putting something between it and the laptop helps – I used a piece of 1mm-thick cardboard. There appears to be an IR port on the front.

Looking for driver Compal EL80

Now just have a quick look over it and make sure that all the screws are installed and everything that can be clipped copal is clipped down. These buttons have two functions, one for media players, and one for DVD watching. I don’t really have much to compare this to except my desktop, but comparing a Core 2 Duo T to a Pentium-D fl80 not really very fair.

My first impression was that the screen isn’t as nice as my old laptop Toshiba Portege CT.

Visit our network of sites: The HEL80 also has media buttons, both above and to the left of the keyboard. There’s not much info available. In between the buttons is the fingerprint reader. In particular, I’m expecting TPM to help it remain ‘useful’ for a somewhat longer period of time than laptops without it. Having owned three Dell systems one notebook and two desktopsI went with the Inspiron e I would appreciate a slightly better range, but these are only notebook speakers and they get the intended job done.

All necessary drivers were also installed. No problems with heat. This is what Intel calls a “customizable notebook panel”.


Compal EL80 Parts and accessories

Three external ports, one on the left, two on the conpal. So you should be golden there, as far as getting the right driver for your OS architecture.

But unfortunately it completely disables it, to the point it doesn’t even show up as a device to the OS. If this becomes as popular as Centrino has been, it will mean that laptops are much easier to upgrade or repair.

Install the Wireless Select Switch from Intel’s site. Back closed view of HEL80 view large image The lid is equally well enforced, with much of this due to the fact that it is covered in aluminum Although it has a small amount of flex, no ripples appear wireldss the screen e,80 extreme pressure is used.

I was a little disappointed to find that none of the drivers have been updated since Vista’s release, but at least they worked in Windows 7, all but one. Share This Page Tweet. Since there’s only one stick it won’t be running in dual-channel, but that’s okay since even one stick can saturate Merom’s FSB.

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