If the PC does not respond, then the interface’s data buffer will overrun, and additional data will not be stored within the buffer. BlueLava , a web and wap cgi-based interface to X10 which supports ppower. If you are experiencing problems with ppower 0. In addition, once the interface detects the absence of power, it will request the current time from the PC when the PC is available as follows: Correct, the North American version. For example ‘A9′ will be converted into the internal X10 code ’67’.

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The housecodes and device codes range from A to P and 1 to 16 respectively although they do not follow a binary sequence. Hardware Power Line Control X Serial Ring Disable 7. For example ‘A9′ will be converted into the internal X10 code ’67’. The previous webhost for ppower is no more, so ppower has been moved to SourceForge.

Linux Home Automation – CM11A Communication Protocol File

Give me an email and I’ll see about it. Just do rpm -ta ppower- version. My approach to HA seems to be quite different from everyone else’s – and I was wondering if I could coerce HeyU to play along. Ppower, short for ‘Penguin Power’, is a piece of UNIX software for controlling x10 home automation equipment connected to the computer via a cm11a interface.


CM11A is a device that uses the X10 protocol to control lights and maybe other stuff around cm11 house by transmitting data over powerlines.

CM11A Communication Protocol File

BlueLavaa web and wap cgi-based interface to X10 which supports ppower. It should be able to send a SensorTripped event.

If you are experiencing problems with ppower 0. CM19A is wireless signals RF only you’ll need a or other to convert to powerline signals.

Don’t ask why — the translation is required by the protocol. With it you can send commands from the computer to the devices.

Created by the Community, for the Community. Today it doesn’t work. The only two systems I have access libux compile this on are Linux and Solaris, and I can’t really test it on the Solaris system.

CM11A still the best for Linux? By the way, did you know you can create source and binary rpms from the tar file? I think it should be on the top of anyone’s list looking for CM11A control under Linux. To control those devices you will need a small interface box which is connected to computer the CM11A. Brian H on June 23, In addition to controlling the x10 devices, it can receive commands sent to the x10 devices from other sources such as an x10 remote transceiver and execute commands on your system in response.


Whenever the interface begins to receive data from the power-line, it will immediately assert the serial ring RI signal to initiate the wake-up procedure for the PC. Timeout bug fixed thanks to Dave Plonka and friends, ppower should work now on Solaris and possibly other picky UNIXes where it hadn’t before. Member Helpful Post Rating: The main ones were that macros couldn’t handle more than one command correctly, quit during syscalls due to interruption, and ALIAS with more than one device wasn’t working correctly.

I’ve read quite a bit about others’ pain trying to get the CM15A working with Linux without success.

Message will transform the unit code. Please email me if this works for you. Originally taken from the X10 web page Dec 25, MH has way too much junk attached to it for my simple needs converse with your house via Eliza – really now!

Brandt on June 29, This command is purely intended for the CM11 and CP

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