I have just managed to get my drive to work, after a few hours of scouraging forums I found the answer. Certance targets the CL at midsize businesses for workstation or server data protection. I haven’t installed yet, and am now wondering if I should even attempt it or just return it. Tivoli Storage Manager Server Software version: Available in both internal and external models, the Certance LTO Ultrium 1 Tape Drive is marketed for use in midrange server environments. Did you ever get this to work?

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Each product offers distinguishing features that elevate it beyond its competitors in particular areas, and each manufacturer has its own loyal installed base. Potential customers are reminded, however, that actual street pricing will vary depending on the vendors’ different discount and negotiating policies.

On ultriym2 metric, Sony quotes a 2: Both generations of Ultrium drives use half-inch-wide Metal Particle tape media that is meters long meters of which are available for writing data. It stores up to 1. This format results in a cartridge capacity of GB when using Ultrium Generation 2 media. In fact, for the second-generation models, it is the autoloader that is getting the majority of the company’s marketing focus.

The CLL comes with the full version of BakBone NetVault software included and features a three-year cross-shipment exchange warranty.

Watson Product Search Search. I haven’t installed yet, and am now wondering if I should even attempt it or just return it.


As always, though, capacity and data transfer rate do not tell the entire story. Sort it out Veritas, remember, thats what we pay for. In the event of an issue arises with the LTO-2 drive, the preferred corrective action is to upgrade your tape ceetance hardware to a newer generation LTO drive, then install the latest version of the IBM Tape Device driver.

Certance Ultrium LTO 2 Cl Lto-2 External Backup Tape Drive Te | eBay

Beginning with Version 7. They all use half-inch-wide Metal Particle tape in a multichannel format using a linear serpentine recording and magnetoresistive MR head and magnetic servo technology. However, the software and its product documentation continue to use the Tivoli Storage Manager product name.

IBM Ultrium 2 pricing includes one data cartridge and one cleaning cartridge. To learn more about the rebranding transition, see technote This, of course, holds true for the Certance products as well.

Storage Devices

Contact and feedback Need support? Part of the attraction of the Ultrium format is the requirement of media interchangeability.

Could you please update us on the issue? It can also be configured with an optional bar code reader. Furthermore, there was nothing spectacular in the announcement press release that would help customers to forgive the delay. Risk Mitigation and Compliance. Yes, downloaded them a few time just to make sure. The standard configuration is a desktop model, but it can be converted to a 2U rack-mount via an optional rack-mount kit.


The first two, like the Certance model, are based on first-generation open-standard LTO Ultrium technology. The CL offers a yltrium2 access time of 75 seconds cartridge load time to beginning of tape [BOT] plus average file access time.

Certance acquisition, Quantum, LTO2, Ultrium2, Ultrium3, LTO3

While it is a good thing that Certance has released its second-generation LTO Ultrium products, the fact remains that the company is very late in doing so, lagging behind the competition by as much as a year and missing several promised release dates along the way.

Certance’s list price for its LTO-2 drive is lower than any of its ulttium2, particularly the Sony SAIT-1 if certahce drive is included in the competitive line-up.

There is now way my boss is going to allow me to edit dll’s without an official tech net article from Veritas detailing any problems this might cause. Choose the following options from the drop-down menus. Certance markets this autoloader for use in small-to-midsize businesses to provide data protection for entry-level and midrange servers.

In JulyCertance replaced its initial Ultrium 1 autoloader offering, the certace Viperwith the AL

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