She speaks English, not Chinese. So you get good cymbal splashes and crisp consonants on speech. Here are the basic EQ settings I found worked well with the M05, keeping the fun, bassy sound while making them sound more clear. Mic is on the front of the left earcup. Depends on your attitude towards EQ. There’s a lady in there like my sat nav. Bluetooth headphone anyone deserve http:

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It comes with a charging cord Micro usban audio connection lead and a rather nice, cushy bag to keep it nice and tidy. I really enjoy the freedom that Bluetooth allows with headphones.

These are great headphones.

Item Information Ausdom M05 Bluetooth 4. But man, the battery life and Bluetooth performance it’s hard not to find thee a useful addition bluuetooth your headphone arsenal! Connection is dead easy and logical.


Excellent build quality, durable, comfortable degree DJ style rotating ear cups which can completely cover your entire ears. For each product, our designers and engineers will carefully study the user’s habits, and use their creativity and experience to provide the consumers with convenient, efficient and valuable products.

We are currently updating the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable for a couple of hours while this is in process. I tried a similar test. This took the M05 from a very bluetoth sound signature to a more tastefully done, fun, bass-enhanced signature with clear vocals and a smooth top end.


I found that the Avantree had a fuller sound in spite of not being able to confirm whether it has AptX or not whilst the Aukey BT-C1 was thinner sounding with more treble emphasis has AptX low latencybut more convenient it can transmit while charging, and the cable folds into the unit.

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AUSDOM M05 Over-ear Bluetooth Stereo aptX Headphone

Mine was on all day yesterday. Bluuetooth, they’re a general tech company, making headphones, IEM, speakers, home security cameras, webcams, car DVRs, chargers, and cables. Choose a Country U.

In my obnoxious youth I could never understand why someone would drop the cash for headphones like ours. I have one of them here. Inside the box is a manual in as many languages as on the blurtooth after getting a review sample that spoke and wrote in Mandarin—and a plush mesh bag and thin 3.

AUSDOM M05 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Headset Earphone With Mic | eBay

We hope that we can all grow, progress and have fun in work and in life. Focusing on product development and innovation, AUSDOM designs products with best customer experience so that each user can enjoy life with simple and smart technology.

It’s sturdy which is a good thing for a headphone that in my case, will follow me around the garden and the shed where it might bluetoohh some wear and tear.


How does the M05 live up to those descriptors? I listened to these with many tracks and really enjoyed these. The only feature missing is a way to mute the microphone from the headset itself, but I have been very happy with it.

Ausdom M05 Bluetooth 4.0 Over-ear Headphones

I was impressed so far with these. Reviews of the entire Walt Disney Animation Studios canon and other family friendly movie reviews. There is lots of air around the percussion sticks and they sound very distinct. I still note some looseness in the bass. Review by kevrap1 Posted on October 10, I found the Ausdom bluettooth touch closer to neutral, though it does have a slight v-shape to my ears. Here are some useful links for you to check out before or after the review.

The sound right out of the box is good.

I preferred them stock but appear to be in the minority. Brooko ‘s Comparative Measurements: At that price, I can only recommend you grab up a pair and see if they’re for you. A fantastic Bluetooth headphone that needs a bit of EQ.

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