To use the Internet Fax function, this machine must be connected to the network and you have an environment enabled for E-mail transmissions and receptions. Can I forward an incoming fax? Enter the registration name for the one-touch destination. The recipient making the request for fax transmission bears the communications fee. If the Fax Kit is installed, you can select [Line 1] or [Line 2] to send a fax. Originally Posted by emujo. You can also put a number of one-touch destinations in one group and register them as a group.

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Allows you to view a list of one-touch destinations registered in a group. No mail server is required. If a digital dedicated line is multiplexed in an enterprise network, fax transmission speed may be limited, or the Super G3 fax may not be available. If no number is entered, the smallest number available is assigned to the destination. Register the name of this machine and the company name sender name as well as the fax number of the machine.

If this machine is used as a relaying station, it is possible to receive a fax from a remote machine and automatically relay it to multiple programmed destinations.

To enable fax transmission via a relay machine, you need to set up a relay User Box on the relay machine beforehand. This is helpful to prevent the fax number from being incorrectly registered. Ask the telephone provider for the recommended settings. For details, refer to Here.



If you have created groups of a relay machine and the other destinations by area, you can reduce the total communication cost compared to the cost of broadcasting to all destinations. Using this function helps to prevent wrong transmission or not forget sending of a fax. If a communications password is set for the Confidential User Box on the recipient machine, enter the communications password in [Sender ID] using the Keypad.

Enter the registration name for the one-touch destination. Enter the same name as the one registered.

Enter the registration name for the group destination. Originally Posted by emujo.

Item Specifications When using the address book. Checking the modular cable connection Check that a modular cable is connected between the LINE port and the appropriate telephone line. You can use either relay distribution to forward data from a representative destination to the other bizhbu or timer communications billed at night-time rates.

Operations Required to Use Fax Functions

Then click [Print] bishub the menu. Select whether to distribute and print a received fax when this machine is used as a fax relaying station. Yes, you can register multiple sender names and select one when sending a fax. Specify a Confidential User Box and a communication password in F-Code transmission to protect the confidentiality of the document. If you don’t see your question answered in the forum, please don’t think it’s OK to PM me for a personal reply If they do not match, the communication will fail; therefore preventing a sending error.


Communication error may occur on rare c242 due to the factory default setting. For transmission to take place in this mode, the fax cax of the originating machine must be registered on the recipient side. No, format setting is not enabled.

Ibzhub whether to use F-Code TX. This machine can connect to the following telephone lines. Select a sender name to print on the fax and tap [OK]. Can I send a fax to a number of destinations at one time?

Specifying the type of telephone line Specify the type dialing method of telephone line to which this machine is to be connected.

Can frequently used fax numbers be registered? Up to group destinations can be registered. Once you bizhu registered a one-touch or group destination, you can recall it simply by tapping the assigned key.

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