Zach Estep May 5, , 6: The aim of Ubuntu is to ensure all card models work automatically with no, or minimal broadcom bcm NTFS users can use this work around solution: However, the wifi disappear and not even in the device manager, can you advise how can I get back my wifi? Thank you so much for this useful and informative step-by-step guide! Your Partition would be completely wiped and until you start a new partition your computer would remain fully mac. That was ofcourse a reply to Daniel and his tutorial for the error.

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Wireless Network Troubleshooting

I am trying an XP install and upgrading to 7 beta to see if that makes a difference. I don’t want to be stuck with Bcm438 because there are so many other distributions to try, but Ubuntu is the only one I am able to get wireless to work on.

The only option I have then is to erase the whole disk. Just realized I misspoke or mis-typed? First, I tried to install the bit Windows 7.


Airwaves December 7,5: Sitthipong February 14,2: I left it overnight and found a BSOD with a new error so it seems to be specifically Nvidia driver issues. Ainn July 30, AppleOpinions July 20, So, could you please explain how I can burn the disk using the Iwndows image?

I had a nice easy install and I am not an overly technical person.

I have the the following: The broadcom bcm infrastructure is composed of two parts. Where can I find the network drivers? You might need to unplug your cabled bcm connection bcm before restarting if you have one.

I have had no luck getting the keyboard to work correctly. After you confirm you did that, it will reboot the machine and your instillation process will begin. What should i do?

Steps to do so are here: Why waste the money I have spent on the Windows program? The other folks having the same problem — do they have the exact same model MBP as you?

How do I get Broadcom BCM Wireless working

Paul, I had the same problem. Help, I cannot get wifi to work for the Windows side after reinstalling Snow Leopoard. Hope I could help.


Anyone else have this problem and have fixed it? So I thought, maybe my fresh burned Windows 7 copy would do the trick, but this one doesnt wnidows make into the install process.

Using Boot Camp to install Windows 7 on your Mac: The Complete Walkthrough

Mohammad February 7,7: Bcj4328 this USB device solved the problem. I then got only the Macintosh HD option. Please let me know how to instal wireless drivers? Kishore November 20,7: Very glad I found this.


Maybe try deleting the bluetooth driver and having it revert to the default? I may give it a shot. Any suggestions how I can get the drivers on there without the DVD? Chris June 24,9:

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