The more you want something to do, the larger the drivers. If its because its easier to use onboard than use up a PCI slot, or you dont wanna deal with Creative drivers which I totally understand, but for me the WDM drivers work great, have had no problems since W7 RC that I can understand. Great sound card though. IOW, the chipset isn’t your problem if any exists. Audigy 2’s 3D audio capabilities received a boost when compared to its predecessors.

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To address the biggest shortcoming of the original Audigy, a revised DMA engine allowed end-to-end high-resolution bit audio playback: If you had no problems with your DS3L then maybe I got the one that does have problems with it, so I still see no reason to change it as long as my Audigy works. You mention hiss, so I assume you know what some of the other posters zz I are referring to?

Jan 27, at 7: I searched the internet and could find no evidence of any retail boxes labeled “Audigy 2 SE”. His board I know very well, though.

alternative audigy 2 zs drivers

It is unclear alternatjve this works for all use cases e. Aside from possible faulty components, there’s really no reason to go with a dedicated sound card anymore unless you have a very high quality setup. I’m telling you the problem doesn’t lie where you think it does.


If someone zx a problem with onboard thats not just hiss, its probably just placebo or else they have inadvertently failed to compare things correctly e.

I never knew about these drivers, and they are amazing!

Curious enough to buy a cable? View a sample email. Intel Architecture Day.

Audigy 2 ZS alternative drivers | [H]ard|Forum

Creative has made the free VidCap application available on their website. I recommend it to anyone!!!

Mister XDec 30, If it aint broke dont fix it, and I see no compelling reason why I should switch. MadSkillsJan 1, So why would I auidgy to switch since its clearly a problem somewhere, yet I dont get any hiss whatsoever from my Audigy? Its a matter of preference.

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Sound Blaster Audigy

Discussion in ‘ Computer Audio ‘ started by xpyrateJan 27, Nov 16, Posts: Archived from the original on The latest version is based on Creative’s Audigy Rx driver. I keep reading excuses that it must be either a speaker issue, or a driver issue, or someone is doing something wrong if they experience some level of noise interfence.

What speakers, and what SPL can you get out of them at 26hz? That’s one thing that, as far as I know, few if any modern soundcards or sound chipsets do.

Is there any good reason to use an Audigy 2 sound card anymore? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Thu Apr 15, 2: I know around these parts that’s considered a crime, but I dont care. It is entirely a software solution that is adaptable to various DACs. If there is an Audigy 2 SE, it doesn’t seem very likely it would have the same model number as the others unless it is the same card but sold in altegnative different part of the world with a different name, or perhaps the same card and the name was changed after sudigy time; though it could be a slightly different card that exists somewhere].


The ASIO and break out box features were an attempt to tap into the “home studio” market, with a mainstream product.

We respect your privacy and take it very seriously. Yes, my password is: It is possible that the same card was sold in different markets with different names, that perhaps the cards sz sold with one name for a while and later it was changed or it’s possible they could even be slightly different cards.

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