The products are slowly getting available in re- and etail. Splinter Cell Test results: I guess that we should better hold back our conclusions, because the prices are so unpredictable now mid October that the mistake is almost imminent! That’s why this is an obvious reject from X XT. That’s sort of a concluding remark.

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But one question again: Unreal Tournament v.

What concerns the combo of our sample under review and Mitsubishi Diamond Pro sbthis card demonstrated the excellent quality in the following resolutions and frequencies: Combat Evolved Test results: FarCry, demo01 The same picture!

The new version of RivaTuner will be able to control the fan speed rv4100 so you will be able to set its rotational speed to a compromise level between the noise and cooling efficiency. And when they decided to raise them, the first revision of chips did not allow it — there were too few effective chips.

These “quads” lend themselves to internal reshuffling, as twelve-pipe variants like raxeon Radeon X Pro and GeForce demonstrate. A compatible HDCP display is also needed for this. The Radeon X family The time-honored tradition in designing a mid-range graphics chips goes something like this: Unreal Tournament Test results: Hello everyone and welcome to the first review of !


ATI Radeon X PRO AGP |

The company should think how to replace it for something more pleasant. In our 3Digest you can find more detailed comparisons of various video cards. What’s new then you are asking? Well, it took us a while but we finally have a retail sample in our labs of the Radeon x Pro from none other then HiS.

Radeon X700 Series

That 80nm process ensures cheaper production of the silicon and more importantly less heat and likely lower graphics core voltages. ATI developed the x series under codename RV, a product line that has been targeted at the mid-range segment rc410 the graphics card market meaning prices versus the available models will be in the USD range.

Contents Video card’s features Testbed configurations, benchmarks, 2D quality Test results: Graphics Previous page Next page. Current technologies and software. This article does not cite any sources.

But nevertheless, it operates at reduced frequencies. Retrieved from ” https: First let me wish you all a fantastic new year.


ATI’s Radeon X XT graphics card – The Tech Report – Page 1

Memory operates at MHz. But I think that if someone has been persistently publishing on boxes an alien suffering from all the diseases in the universe instead of an attractive hero, probably picturing a gamer after many sleepless nights, we shouldn’t be surprised at anything.

ATI Technologies products Video cards. That’s why it’s very difficult to compare these two lines in general.

ATI’s Radeon X700 XT graphics card

If the prices were adequate Here’s the rundown on the complete Radeon X lineup. It also delivers industry leading image quality and multimedia features for customers who use their computers for a wider range of applications.

DancinJack Hey guys, go vote! Half-Life2 beta Test results: But will it be real?

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