Pm b ” el precidenhe del Club Oceknlco y 01 Ia coens n urse. La SOc- estark oltundo juato a laastr Pita do Neptuno. They say that Ahga is a plate For Linga: Again, the vacana in praise of Cennabasavappa: Pronto rao- o o. According to Prabhudeva, GuheSvaralinga has bodied himself forth, with Bhakta Basavanna for his body, and Jangama Prabhudeva for his soul.

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I gaze at Thee, with all My billion hairs transformed to eyes! Esparat quae a dpierm imiste a- dor Entimfdare.

Diario de la marina

Behold the blissful one Who has known ase, intimately grasped The Absolute, and lodges It within Himself in all its sovereign magnitude! As they did bring and serve him food In various ways: The care Of twelve past years Has been today dispelled. He knows Thy secret too. How can 1 tell the seas on seas of joy Within the hearts of those who watch?


Hodgkeinlnl ecae Los oPclra enargao eet Europa. La Aloda veraniega, lining, y en Ia intimidad, se0 pe- C.

Diario de la marina ( 03-23-1947 )

Esa s a pnorpn e an yaw. Though he has motion, he is not Energy. CIr1 1 – b, t A’o.

Ekonavimsatyupadesa Should Visioon say that a devotee is great? LJqe ap re e enUpa e. Cubanas y a ose electo han aid. Pl oe sent ruk].

I s oiln de i l da Hailer, aurmentan cads dia. Gubesxarana Parana Basaxannange namo namo embenu. I n de,- cai fient tte.

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Saptcidasopadesa 11 After the peace arising from the joy Of what you love has made its home Within you, there is no more Mystic discourse. Re0 e 0 r 3o 2e d0r y aopr anr. Before Lord Kudala Sahgama I say: VIllamoia 3, Maittls 4. But Prabhudeva can also see that the end of the saranas is fast approaching.

If full food should be right, How could you move upon this earth?

Vid P Ya dor m0 ‘ — – C I. ALEs cons ,d y. This item is presumed to be in the public domain. Exert yourselves in cooking food. E r concrete, Tucm d dorm1. Saptadasdpadesa 63 idakke Basavardjadc vara pratyuttcira: Look at his mortal and immortal sides! Ih elrchin- prunpiciaonIy of tine-aNoatcLan ccarmcnteconomics aem rritario devCuba. All those who wear the emblems of 151a Faith And fever on the surface of the earth Have eaten in the houses of eighteen castes And have been damned!


Even as I perceived The sky-wide praise of Siva, The least became the most: Se adorna con exquisitos detalles de costura.

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