For polarity, see the following diagram: Select Discovery List from the Edit menu. If you disable them, device users cannot use the web interface or Java applet to configure, monitor, and administer the device. Each type of server is tried, starting with the first in the list. Configure System Settings The System Configuration page configures system settings, including device description information, such as the device name, contact, and location, and whether SNMP is enabled or disabled and the SNMP traps that are enabled. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

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The Home Page The left side of the Home page has a list of choices that display pages for Configuration, Management, and Administration tasks, and to logout of the web interface.

Digi 50001689-01 E AnywhereUSB/2 G2

Anywwhereusb/2 the bottom of the page are checkboxes for the SNMP traps that can be used: Select Discovery List from the Edit menu.

Common network services can be enabled and disabled and the TCP port on which the network service listens can be configured. By selecting one of the pre-defined profiles, the configuration options are focused only on the settings required for that particular profile. Canceling Changes To cancel changes to configuration settings, click the Refresh or Reload button on the Web browser.

Using the front panel Reset button If the AnywhereUSB cannot be accessed from the web interface, the configuration can be restored to factory defaults using the Reset button.

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The Serial Port Configuration page includes the currently selected port profile for the serial port, detailed configuration settings for the serial port, dependent on the port profile selected, and links to Basic Serial Settings and Advanced Serial Settings.


An IP address of 0. Changing znywhereusb/2 and private community names is v2 to prevent unauthorized access to the device. Home Page The Home page is displayed when the web interface is opened. Note that AnywhereUSB devices behind firewalls, as displayed in the discovery window, show the IP address of their private network. This Multi String value contains a list of devices that the AnywhereUSB will enumerate all other devices will show as “unknown device. After the connection process completes, the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility will update its Connection Status information and look similar to the following: Double clicking on the key will bring up the Edit Multi-String dialog.

Discovery List 28 Command Menu: To Reboot the Unit using the front panel reset button: If discovery fails, ensure that Windows Firewall is Off. Unique features also include full hardware and software flow control, as well as tunable latency and throughput.

This is the typical connection method. Hold down the front panel Reset button. A hub can detect attachment and detachment of downstream devices and enable and monitor the distribution of the power to downstream devices via their integral hardware and the operating system.

AnywhereUSB drivers work equally well on physical servers or virtual machines in virtualized environments. An advantage of a serverinitiated connection is that the connection is only established when it is needed – this minimizes the overhead of maintaining a connection. DO NOT close the browser until anywhereus/b2 update is complete and a reboot prompt has been displayed.


If discovery fails, ensure that Windows firewall is off.

Digi E AnywhereUSB/2 G2 [] $ –

This kind of reset clears all configuration settings. Only simple devices, such as a mouse, can be connected to a bus-powered hub, which obtains power from its upstream host and provides up to mA for each downstream port. The software is installed directly on the host PC and allows applications to talk to devices across a network as though the devices were directly attached to the host.

Quickly release the Reset button then hold it down again. AnywhereUSB IP Address has not yet been configured, or is configured to connect to a non-existent Group in the case it is a multi-host connections enabled device. Anyehereusb/2 using serial ports for the terminal emulator’s host or keyboard connections, those ports must be configured for the Custom port profile. Refer to Chapter 9 for more information about multi-host connections.

It is usually best to use the default network port numbers for these services because they are well known by most applications. When using RealPort COM port redirection or RFC these settings are supplied by applications running ahywhereusb/2 the PC or server, and the default values on your Digi device server do not need to be changed.

Disabling services may be done for security purposes.

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