Processing of Transactions The following figure is a general procedure of calling functions to processing a transaction. You can obtain the following database management system client installations from the database management system vendor or download them from My Esri:. If the expression cannot be determined, the empty character string will be returned. NULL will be returned when the string size is not proper. The row-wise binding searches the data by setting the length of the structure or the length of the buffer to which the results columns will be bound. The column names will be returned for each procedure in the following order: For example, if the number of rows is 5 when the result set has total rows, the result row set of initial SQLFetch is from 1 to 5.

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The result set combines the statistical information of the table and the data for index.

The returned object is a procedure; that is, it does not have a return value. For each ODBC functions, the following information are described. Once the handle is released, an application cannot use the released handle.

The grantee can insert new rows to the table. Managing Diagnosis Messages Diagnosis is to handle the warning or error status occurred in an application. In this case the database administrator handles it manually. Deleting is to update the LOB data for length n with 0.


Manuals | Altibase

However, if you insert maximum length of data transmitted to server in Altibase 5, its performance has problem because it checks their information whenever executed. Reverse engineering of the software is prohibited.

SQLForeignKeys Returns a list of column names that make up foreign keys, if they exist for a specified table. The following table is the list of valid type identifiers for C data type.

The macro value is 6. The column allows NULL data. Can you see this?


However, error occurs in this state cause of no performing SQLExecute. SQLPrepare must be called first. When you need an immediate assistance regarding technical issues, please contact Altibase Customer Support Center. The processing types in the phase can be different. We always appreciate your comments and suggestions. If the binary data length exceeds the data buffer length, SQLFetch will cut the data according to the data buffer.

When stmt is not connected or the connection is released 08S01 Communication channel error HY General error HY Invalid string or buffer length The communication link between the driver and the database to which the driver was connected failed before the function odb processing.


It cannot be determined whether the procedure returns a value.

Database clients

Positioning altigase Cursor When the result set is created, the cursor is positioned before the start of the result set. HY Invalid Arguments used null pointer. The position referred to by this pointer must be valid till SQLFetch is called. It is used in the following case: However, if the program is terminated after SQLDisconnect is called, the program will be committed.


Larger amount of data can be sent in a shorter time due to reduced network paging count. Updating is not allowed. When the string contain the NULL: If a target locator is not the LOB locator odnc during the current transaction, it cannot be used as an argument for this function. SQLColumns Returns the list of column names in specified tables.

Initializing an application Status When the string does not contain the NULL: Error occurs during the execution of parameters.

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