Revision History 1. See the section on installation in this document for information on what other software is required by this driver. Navigate to the ‘Hardware Interfaces’ palette to find the ‘Configure Tracking’ function. Navigate to the panel, and move the indicators from the Unplaced items onto the front panel. Delete the wires connecting Configure Current Limit. Then click the green Run arrow at the top left of the VI.

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Rename it Tracking Channel.

From the Configuration pane on the right scroll down to the Installed drivers agildnt to find and install the NI There are no public properties which can be set from the command line. The driver installer calls an installer for these components if they are not already present on the system.

Agilent Ea Labview Driver – fedpdfs

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The supported model numbers are: Then use the Write to Text File function to write the data to a text file. NET framework late, you can use the file: Test management software for example, TestStand is at the top of a properly architected test system.


February 26, Version 1. Application Programming Interface API To agilwnt accelerate software development, all instrument drivers follow a consistent programming flow of: The instrument is then detected. Finally, you can specify execution flow, reporting, database logging, and connectivity to other enterprise systems for your labvview system.

Sequencing and Database Reporting With TestStand Test Management Software TestStand is a ready-to-run test management software is designed to help you develop, execute, and deploy automated test and validation systems faster. Back to Top 4. Note, this feature is only supported on lwbview E power supply.

It contains “Getting Started” information on using the driver in a variety of programming environments as well labveiw documentation on IVI and driver specific methods and properties. The mark LabWindows is used under a license from Microsoft Corporation. NET, Service Pack 2 is required. Known Issues This driver does not have any known defects.

If you install the. NET Framework itself is not required by this driver.

Agilent E36xx IVI-COM Driver

You can download the parser and its associated SDK from: Add test parameters such as current test date and time, and use”End of Line” constants between sub-strings to format your data into a more readable style. PXI Programmable Power Supplies and Precision Sources PXI programmable power supplies and precision sources offer high-resolution, high-speed, and high-power voltage and current outputs for automated test systems or lab environments in a single PXI slot. You can install the driver by double-clicking on the file.


Connect the purple instrument wire and yellow error wires through the second Read Output. Install The installation package for the driver is distributed as an MSI 2. Enable tracking on the ‘Configure Tracking’ function You can verify that tracking is enabled by reading the output values of the paired channel.

Back to Top 6. This utility does not remove any IVI drivers. When writing an instrument control application for a serial instrument, you communicate with a COM port rather than the serial instrument connected to the COM port. If you select the device, you can see additional properties, such as the device name, as well as any software or drivers that are installed on your system to support this device. Select the PC from the SystemDesigner page. Supported Instruments Agilent EA:

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