If you want the function to query the instrument for it’s ID information, you would wire a Boolean true to this input. Is this the other driver you said you tried and “didn’t work”. The data structure is like this: In Network Analyzer mode you can measure the Smith Chart. You are right I have to understand more about labview but I have been reading about it during the last weeks and I find it very confusing. That took me a while to figure out. If you try to set 3 you end up with 2 and if you try to set 20K you end up with 10K.

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I your are asking if you can set-up the analizer manually and use LabVIEW to read the data, then yes it should be possible. Do their drivers exist or not?

A reflectometer application is shown above.

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So how the coupler is labeled depends on how it’s to be used. Sir if I wish to track this line profile movement in time how to count how many fringes has crossed the field in a particular time interval.

I think that the syntax is correct Thank You, Ere This allows seeing very weak signals. Here’s an interesting thing: The S typically used 4395q 3.


I mean how to track movement of the peak of line profile? The coupler works very well above 50 kHz. But, at channel A2 1mA lesser output. This is why your power supplies should be part of your wiring schematic. I’ve put the code into a UserForm and it all works fine un The ability of the and to remember the calibration and so display a straight line for 0 dB either through or reflected and a screen calibrated in dB was 43995a huge improvement over the grease pencil where calibrated pads were needed to get amplitude calibration and a wavemeter was needed to determine frequency.

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Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. You can also take the online courses for free. The A was a precursor impedance analyzer to the A.

This VI doesn’t make any troubles. Below is the method how the USB hub is daisy chain.

LabVIEW load error code That’s much lower than the specification of 1 MHz. Note this is combined real and imaginary so may not be equal to the imaginary zgilent shows at the right.

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Message 1 of 7. At Hz the response is 0. I have been able avilent find equivalent commands for all the old commands except for one.


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An ideal receiving antenna should have good signal to noise agilnt for the desired signal and reject unwanted signals.

The minimum RBW is 1 Hz. There is a good Impedance vs. Hi, I have some measuring instruments from Agilent, namely: Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

I still have no idea what the problem was but I found a work-around.

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It’s kind of a weird situation because once you understand the instrument, the programming of it and LabVIEW itself, you labvie really need the drivers, because by then you can write your own custom ones. I can work around this problem by putting the subcluster in an empty cluster as I did in the screenshot.

How I can get my waveform chart to reset every time the user pushes a button?

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