It also provides intelligent support for hybrid and combi cards, such that it detects a contactless card even that has been incorrectly placed in the contact card slot. Other values indicate the current verification is failed. The reader will consume less current in power saving mode. The operation is failed. Each sector consists of 4 consecutive blocks Sector 0 Sector

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Lastly, the DualBoost has a built-in SAM slot for added security in both contact and contactless applications. Memory Card — 32,64,, kbit I2C card Once the block is authenticated successfully, all the blocks belonging to the same sector are accessible.

ACR120U-ACR1281U-C8 Contactless Reader

Other values indicate the last verification is failed. The contents of both volatile and non-volatile memories are not readable by the outside world.

Single Block Mode Acr1281j 2: The reader supports different speed between sending and receiving. The value of the source value block will be copied to the target value block. The value returned from the card.


Mifare Reader – ACRU-C1 DualBoost II USB Dual Interface Reader

Extended APDU supported max: Mifare 1K 00 The value is a axr1281u long integer 4 bytes. Integrated Circuit s Card. A standard for contact smart cards ICC. ACRU-C1 DualBoost II enables one to integrate conventionally separate and independent applications for contact acr1821u contactless technologies into one device and one card.

Mac OS X Multiple Blocks Mode; 15 consecutive blocks Example 1: It is a dual interface reader that can access any contact and contactless smart cards following the ISO and ISO standards.

It makes use of high-speed communication for contactless cards at a maximum of kbps, which makes it suitable for highly demanding applications.

A built-in antenna for PICC contactless access applications. The minimum life cycle of the acceptor is about K times of card insertion and removal. The source and target value blocks must be in the same sector.

Refer to the ISO specification. Lastly, the DualBoost has a built-in SAM slot for added security in both contact and contactless applications. Smart Card Reader Modules.


The byte is written to the card with LSB first, i. Other values indicate the current verification is failed. Applicable ACS Product s: Reference voltage level for power supply 2. The value used for value manipulation. User Code is to enable the memory access ace1281u the card. Length of data to be read from the memory card.

Shut down the application. We can send a command to disable the PICC polling function. Universal Serial Bus, a common device interface used in PC environment.

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