Also, the large connector for the keyboard did not have a locking latch. Sep 30, My acer aspire z can not use anymore internet even tough the wifi icon says its connected. Click the Network icon in your Windows 7 notification area and click the network to which you wish to connect. I don’t know what to try anymore. Strangely enough my Macbook Air is already connected to my wireless network without a hitch. I know in the past I used wifi but switched to an ethernet cable.

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As I type this, on another laptop! Battery 3 steps Keyboard 3 steps WiFi 3 steps. I have an Acer Aspire X desktop, I am running Win7 and have tried two different wifi adapters and they install but they will not connect.

Acer Aspire laptop Webcam DVDRW 2GB RAM 80GB WiFi 14" HDMI Windows 7 East Regina, Regina

Though I have noticed a little increase in speed with the last action, its still slower then it was when I first got my netbook back in september.

Very well done wifo thank you! Using a plastic opening tool, remove both antenna cables from the WiFi card by gently prying them up. I have an acer aspire laptop. I have enabled and disabled in addition to uninstalling and installing the driver and controller many times. Mar 19, I have a Acer Aspire laptop, about 3 years old. How to get his laptop connected to our network and have asspire access?


Carefully detach the three ZIF ribbons connected to the motherboard by flipping up the white hinge. I have no idea why.

A wireless connection allows your ultra-mobile Acer Aspire One netbook to connect to aspirf network without the need for cumbersome wires. I’ve just installed a new wireless router Netgear wgrv9but I’m having trouble getting an Acer Aspire 1 with Linpus Linux to connect.

Jul 13, I have an acer aspire laptop. Time Required 20 wkfi 30 minutes. Without WiFi you can have a hard time getting connected to the internet.

View 1 Replies View Related Slow Wifi On Acer Aspire One D Nov 15, In the last few weeks my wireless has been crap and it’s been quite slow, making some pages take forever to load or stuck in a constant loading cycle. Its really bugging me now: It is almost as if my computer itself is blocking the adapter. Why i can not see my network adapters in my Acer aspire I did a quick searching about my ipconfig all how I can rresolve to bring back my network adapters Windows Acr Configuration Host Name.

Also, the large connector for the keyboard did not have a locking latch. The wireless router is connected to a desktop via a yellow data cable.

Drivers for Wi-Fi devices for Acer Aspire 4349 laptops | Windows XP x86

I have the right configuration and the password is correct. Acer One Series Quick Guide. Usually, I have to turn off my laptop and wait for it to cool before the wifi starts working again.


Tools Buy these tools. When it “drops” the globe sign at the bottom of the screen taskbar goes and only the 2computers icon is flashing.

can’t connect wifi for acer aspire

Sep 12, Brand new acer laptop has only about 8 ft range. After speaking with the dlink techs they told me it probably was a problem with my wifi adapter. My acer aspire z can not use anymore internet even tough the wifi icon says its connected. I bought a new wireless modem. A wireless router broadcasts a signal to connect your Acer Aspire One to the Internet. I also tried to connect through a hotspot which I made from my mobile and it got connected easily without any problem.

Apr 11, earlier this year I bought an Acer AspireOne netbook with Windows 7 startup operating system. My laptop had white connectors and the hinged lock latch was black. It gives me the option to diagnose connection or connect to another network but when I try diagnosing the connection it scans for a split second then it only gives me an option to go view available wireless networks.

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