Studies with larger sample sizes and more workplaces are needed. A systematic review and meta-analysis of workplace intervention strategies to reduce sedentary time in white-collar workers. An international transdisciplinary consensus framework for the study of determinants, research priorities and policy on sedentary behaviour across the life course: These findings align with Kim et al. Find articles by Bronwyn Sudholz. The addition of qualitative data also provides valuable process evaluation information that could be used to assist employers and employees when moving to an ABW designed workplace. We are interacting more with mangers and they are waving hello and stuff like that.

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ABW participants in the current study felt frustrated due to lost time finding desks and colleagues, noise in the workplace, and a period of time needed to adjust to the new ways of working, all of which may have adversely zbw productivity.

Impact of Workspace Layout on Occupant Satisfaction perceived Health and Productivity

Furthermore, the ABW participants increased their light and moderate intensity physical activity slightly by 2. The ABW employees reported higher levels of satisfaction with the physical work environment relative to those in the comparison workplace. The only significant difference in demographic characteristics between ABW and comparison workplace participants was a higher percentage of males in the ABW sample.

Desk ownership in the workplace: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Healy3, 4, 5 and Anna Timperio 1. While much research has been done in documenting the impacts of conventional open-plan layouts. We display the delivery charges in your shopping cart for you to consider before submitting your order. Ikpact, ABW principals were not necessarily applied throughout.


While the literature examining the impact of ABW design on workplace movement is still in its infancy, the findings impacf preliminary indications that the physical environment is important for workplace movement and productivity. We are interacting more with mangers and they are waving hello and stuff like that. Some participants acknowledged that while the organization was more connected, they felt less connected with their immediate team members, which they believed adversely impacted team morale and productivity.

We note that we attempted to collect inclinometer data in the current study; however, compliance was poor and therefore data are not reported. Lmpact the implementation of ABW, perceived work productivity was lower relative to the comparison workplace.

zbw Interestingly, after returning to their traditional desks, employees self-reported reductions in sitting and increases in their standing and walking. Socio-Demographic and Work Characteristics Sex, age, education, work capacity, highest level of education, height, and weight were self-reported at baseline.

Participants also completed newly developed survey items to collect data on the number of work days in a usual week they: Work spaces are chosen and used by employees based on their current work tasks with regular transitions between them encouraged [ 16 ].

Impact Adaptor – 1 Drive – 1F x 3/4M – ABW | Blackwoods Xpress

Discussion This is one of few studies to evaluate the impact of structural and policy workplace changes brought awb by ABW on workplace movement and productivity, and only the second to include a comparison workplace. Future research examining the impact of ABW on the intake of healthy and junk foods, and possible implications for movement and social benefits, over longer follow-up periods is warranted.

We will also send you an email confirming all your order details including your products, costs and delivery address details. It was also recognised that working in the same building, using different desks, having formal and informal workspaces available, and eating in common hub areas allowed for greater opportunities to collaborate.


When you need to work with someone, you know them better lmpact can work quicker.

Start typing and press Enter to impach. They were removed for sleeping and water activities e. Reductions impct time spent sitting by approximately 20 min [ 1819 ], standing by approximately 20 min [ 1819 ], and light- intensity physical activity [ 18 ] were observed after four months, each with moderate effect sizes. The sample size for the interviews was obtained to ensure diversity of experiences and to ensure data saturation.

This may have contributed to benefits identified in our qualitative findings such as increased social interaction and therefore improved relationships with colleagues.

ABW Impact Academy

Studies with larger sample sizes and more workplaces are needed. Organisational support for PA in the workplace. One participant described a reduction in their fruit consumption, as they could not eat at their desk. An analysis of burden of disease and life expectancy. Assessment of differing definitions of accelerometer nonwear time.

There was also poor compliance with the accelerometer ompact logbook protocols, particularly at follow-up, with a substantial proportion of work hours requiring imputation. A key influence on sitting and activity levels in the workplace is the physical work environment [ 9 ].

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