The only exceptions are that it does not have a soft front panel or a knowledge base file. Sampling on HP I managedto get communication between the equipment HP and LabView. It’s alright, I now have a code that works perfectly! I also have that driver that you’re using, it would be very nice if you provided me that code. Message 9 of At the same time I get an error on the monitor of D00

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A higher level of support from Agilent Technologies for the compiled driver 3.

That’s where your example comes from. There are several advantages to using the dll form of the driver. I will write Keysight, even though this product I believe to be discontinued, maybe they can offer me some support. Do not 4516b the driver in the directory in which it was installed.

I really appreciate all the feedback I can receive.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies 4156B

This is where I get error D 00 40 where after rading through the pages of the manual I got to the conclusion that D stands for data error, first two characters, xx, stand for X axis, the second set of 2 characters Y axis Message 4 of 6.

New Drivers  DVC 150B XP DRIVER

Once you do that then the instrument should do the rest and the example should be more useful. After this I can see the cursor on the bottom of the I V graph on the monitor of the sliding from left to right when settinp a Sweep of Voltage of SMU1 labvieew 0 to 1 V, pts. Thanks for the feedback. But if you attach code I can test on a This would suggest me that there is communication through the GPIB. I managedto get communication between the equipment HP and LabView. A small update on the setup definition I use: The default error message for error 6 indicates an abort in the GPIB communication.

Source is included so that the driver can be modified if desired. Message 1 of The SCPI commands look similar for both, but there are probably subtle differences that are the result 456b new features in the Agilent C.

b free download, or read b online

During this time the multimeter which is connected to SMU1 output of the equipment register the voltage value. Message 2 of 6. I look forward to your feedback!

I will keep you posted with the outcome. You can right click on the error cluster which shows error 6 and select “Explain Error”. I can now input data from Labview to HP If you have the C, use that driver lanview than the X driver.


Hey again, This is providing the source voltages and also measuring through the SMUs perfectly. The help file presents application programming examples, a cross-reference between instrument commands and driver functions, and detailed documentation of each function, with examples.

I am new to the forum and also new to LabView. Message 3 of Did you get this working? After detailing a bit more the process do you still think there might be a connection drop out between the GPIB interface and HP? Labvoew looked on the manual for this error and I cound not find it. For Windows NT, change references from win95 to winnt. Message 5 of

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