There are games refusing to work in any case: Default driver settings are not at all helpful for gaming. If 3dlabs did not phase out drivers, who knows what could be achieved. When their market share shrunk beyond recovery time has come for controlled bankruptcy in Video Card Specifications Interface: There is major problems with lightmaps in newer engines, they just do not work, be it Shogo, Unreal or Quake 3.

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Additional LUT formats are available for 2d rendering as well. This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat Architecture The pipeline is controlled by 32 bit registry file preceded by 64 entry deep 41 bits wide FIFO, to accommodate with data also 9 bit tag.

Archived from the original on February 8, Four texture formats of 15 and 16 bit RGB A are supported, true color textures were for some reason disabled. Myth II framerate is much higher, but at cost of such bugs that I decided to discard it.

3Dlabs – Vogons Wiki

Following P20 with fully 32 bit floating point precision per component confirmed devotion to professional segment. Pipeline queue, sideband addressing and direct texturing from system memory are supported. Results After the first driver I found closest speed competitor in the first revision of by SiS. These tests will be remembered as endless fight for more texture memory.


It was a compromise that mastered none.

Even professional FireGL card doesn’t look dangerous. Performance could be better but hey, if you got the card from a boss to draw some CAD you won’t complain.

Fog unit applies linear interpolation per vertex with value calculated by host function and can reject completely fogged fragments from plotting.

There is only one texture slot and multiplicative blending is not supported.

The card Nothing much to get excited about, Permedia 2 boards look simple, cost efficient. Local memory was unified to maximize capacity utilization and all the traffic now goes through casual 64 bit bus, yet 32 bit framebuffer does not significantly slow down rendering.

It is missing a number of important features. Display driver at xx16 tested ok. Retrieved from ” https: Last generic Permedia 2 driver version from April is used. To get reasonable compatibility disable rectangular allocator 3dlavs enable texture compression for OpenGL. Log in Don’t have an account? When second generation Permedia arrived to the market in the fall of with support for both Direct3D and OpenGL, gamers were watching. Permedia 2 3Dlabs can be proud to be among first gaming texture mapping 3d accelerator to the PC.


There is a checkbox for Final Fantasy VII support, but when oermedia2 my version is still full of artifacts.

It’s just another chip that got steamrolled by competitors. Quake 2 has own problems, transparency does not work and some polygons always turn black during pwrmedia2. There are several things wrong, but still a good show for a chip. This problem can be fixed by a small driver update which may go into circulation as early as the release of this review. For comparison, the Matrox G in NT4 scored 6.

Creative Labs Graphics Blaster EXXTREME

Gordon Moore Robert Noyce. But Voodoo2 did have it.

The discrete Delta geometry co-processor chip originally featured in the Permedia NT is now integrated permeida2 the Permedia 2’s core logic, resulting in a single-chip solution. Otherwise 3d image quality of Permedia 2 can be quite nice.

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